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Welcome To Grand Supreme News Who We Are!
We stand out against the fake media, we are republican, right winger, conservatives. We talk about many topics like biblical prophesy, political topics, breaking news & giving honest truth that the media twist. We got to a point where watching the news was becoming unbearable to watch, misleading people down a wrong path, we hope to give a voice to those afraid to speak out… we are silenced by the media and the news and it shouldn’t be like that. #DanaCoverstone #Vision #PastorDanaCoverstone Channel (GrandSupremeWorldEvents)
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PAYPAL CONTRIBUTIONS/DONATIONS – Support the channel! (Not Necessary to watch our content, this just helps us financially so we can bring you the latest news Freely) Thank you.






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▪Christ-centered-If Jesus said it… we believe it. If Jesus modeled it… we want to live it. If Jesus commanded it… we want to obey it. We believe everything Jesus practiced and preached is as relevant for us today as it was at the time of Christ’s earthly life and ministry.
▪Non-denominational-Having no authority or doctrines dictated by any outside board or affiliation.” We believe in order to stay as true as possible to the patterns of church life in the New Testament, we must avoid denominational labels and doctrines that identify us with one group exclusively. This does not mean, however, that anything goes!
▪Jesus Christ-Jesus is the only Son of God. We believe that His earthly life and ministry demonstrated and proved this: All people matter to God. We believe that if anyone wants to come to God, they must first invite Jesus Christ to be Savior and Lord of their life.
▪Worship-worship is fundamental to the abundant life of a growing Christian. We encourage all expressions of worship we read about in the Bible.
▪The Bible (KJV) Preferred-The only complete and infallible written Word of God. We also believe God still speaks to us today through His Holy Spirit.
▪What we believe about… You-EVERYONE seeking/not seeking Christ is welcome to hear the word of God.. NO ONE IS BEYOND SAVING! We love you as Christ loves the Church & hope God will work Miracles in your life to find a Relationship with you.






  1. Hey everyone- I live in TN and decided to drive up to check out his church this morning. The Holy Spirit was outpouring in an unreal way at this church. So just wanted to let you know that from what I could discern he is the real deal and his flock was overflowing with love and the spirit! Please everyone keep Dana and all of our pastors and their marriages in prayer! His latest dream has to do with the enemy and using pornography to derail men spiritually and to destroy marriages. Stay faithful everyone as the day approaches.

  2. new brunswick nova scotia and prince edward island have a total of 5 active cases total and no new cases in the past few days . we are doing great because we stayed inside in march . its responsible for them to keep track of those in the store so the people will be notified so they can isolate and not spread the virus around. not everything is evil intended .

  3. Jessica, I’m sure you are shock with the pedogate and the elites! I’m still in shock , I’m suffering for the children! Wayfair is real! Let’s be in shock so we don’t forget them! And the elite and famous are not going to be able to go on the streets! Everyone will be shock soon. Q

  4. It is sad when people can research news and other secular things but not research to make sure their not worshiping another Jesus. Jesus is coming for a clean spotless bride, not a bride who has been cut in pieces. So many denominations and sects!!! One bride, not many brides, that think they are better in theology than the next bride. Many think that those that leave the church are the ones that are apostatizing. Apostacy is mixing Jewish laws and Christian grace. and saying it is Christian. Christ cannot save you if you hang on to Jewish laws and traditions. It is one or the other. Can you keep all the laws? God requires all the laws to be kept or you are out. I would rather have grace! Tithing, temples ( churches ) sabbath keeping men being called leaders, father ( in a religious context ) rabbis, and even pastors. Jesus is our shepherd, leader, bridegroom, pastor, above all our Savior. We can worship on any day., any time without some ( pastor ) coming between us. First Jesus, our families, our brothers and sisters in Christ, not church, pastor, Jesus our families, and people in the church. Please really research how the church is run for centuries, Now is the time to go back and examine Jesus's sermon on the Mount plus all his other commands on loving each other. we must go back to the first-century church and imitate them closely. Putting up with our pastor's reproach, friends persecution and anger, families hating us. We must carry our cross and finish the race even if we have to go at it alone. But you are not alone! Jesus is there with you. The remnant is scattered around the world. Right now we are not together. I think Jesus wants os to restore the true gospel practiced by the apostles and true believers by the first-century saints. The apostasy started when Constantine hijacked the true church up until now.

  5. In Jewish culture for a wedding ceremony the father would traditionally plan everything including the date and not even the groom would know the date until the father says it’s time for the wedding. Jesus is Jewish. Also, if we knew the date of the rapture we would sin right up until the last second! That’s not what the Lord wants for us. If we stay ready, we don’t have to get ready!

  6. Hey Louis there was a video on this chain wing paying whatever his name is China leader his sister is the one who really tells him what to do and how to do it so fat boy just sits back and eats and watches the show while his sister tells him what to do so that’s about it God bless

  7. Hey Luis he Jessica God bless you guys you guys are doing an awesome job well we don’t really know what 2021 house for us it could be even worse so everybody don’t think that 2021 could get better because the way things are looking looks like it’s going to be worse

  8. These traitors are selected not elected. Our votes don't count. None of them are worth voting for anyway. All of them are lying to us about everything! Traitor T is in on the virus scam and morons still cover for him? He signed bills for covid before we ever heard about it. Does that sound like it's China's fault?? No.. I'd be scared to pretend I was christian while lying and brain washing people. God don't accept that.

    CONTACT TRACING: If you get a call from one of them.. Will they tell when you allegedly were in contact with someone who is now covid 19 positive? That would be a direct violation of HIPPA law. Will they tell you where that contact took place? Will they tell you WHEN that contact was? You'll have no way to defend yourselves from this demonic scheme!
    We alredy know that NY's demon infested gov cuomo told people if you defy participation with a contact tracer – you'll be fined $1000 – i'M BETTING THIS METHOD WILL BE WIDE SPREAD ACROSS THE USA VERY SHORTLY – MASSIVE PUBLIC REVOLT IS COMING!

  10. Hi Luis,
    I really like what you are doing here. It is so refreshing finding fellow Christians who are speaking out. Wishing you, and your wife, much success. As you grow the haters will show up, just do what you do and ignore them. God Bless my brother!


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