This is a dream I received from the Lord on 1/26/21 about a coming financial collapse in America and a coming civil war.

“And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.”
‭‭Revelation‬ ‭6:4‬ ‭

Pray ! And seek the Lord while he may be found. Lay treasures up in heaven and place you hope on Jesus . When this happens who will you run too?!

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord whose hope the Lord is Jeremiah 17:7



  1. Mischpocha: YHVH gave me a revelation in 1985 that IF IF IF believers FAIL to humble themselves, pray, seek His face and turn from their wicked ways, the USA would have a 2nd Civil War, followed by a nuclear war w/Russia & China. I thought, "Great I am 24 years old and I'll be dead in six months." YHVH told me that no, before that Russia would go through a period of weakness and then rise again and AFTER those things all this will take place. Remember, in 1985 Russia ruled over the Soviet Union, the mightiest empire on earth. I told some "Christians" at my church, and the pastor denounced me as a "false prophet" before the whole congregation and then I was run out of church. I went to my prayer closet and asked YHVH what I did wrong, and He gave me three signs what He said about the 2nd Civil War/WW3 was true…one of them was the collapse of the Soviet Union, which took place a few years later. As of May 2022, I have a great sense in my spirit we are on the very verge of this 2nd Civil War, and I've been hearing, "It's too late to warn America" and "get yourself ready to go home." I say that because in 1985 one of the things YHVH told me was that the day the US is nuked, is the very day I go home to be with Messiah. I won't survive the nukes… As of 2022 I am 61 years old. Brethren, get ready for the storm to hit America, and get ready to go home. Very few will survive this, and I'm okay with that, as I'd rather be in Heaven with Yeshua than here. Pray like never before, seek God like never before, repent like never before, FORGIVE everyone everywhere for everything like never before, and fill your lamp with oil. AMERICA'S JUDGMENT IS AT HAND. Omein.

  2. Amen brother I had a similar dream about two months ago and now i see your video which confirms to me that it was the lord showing me what is about to happen.

    I invest money in the stock market and I was thinking how I am making good returns and dividends and was wondering which stocks I should buy next.

    I was about to go-to bed at night, I heard a very strong voice in my head : take your money out of the bank and buy gold and silver because money is about to become totally worthless.

    I have been very shaken up since then and shared this vision with everyone in my church but they don't believe me.

    We must seek refuge in the lord and nowhere else. Our lives can be taken from us in an instant and what we own, what we have will not matter. Only thing that will matter is whether you know the lord.

  3. I had a similar dream in October 2021. A mysterious man told me and some other people I was with to, “draw your money out of the bank now!”

    In the dream this happened at the time when pandemic mandates and restrictions were rolled back and ppl were celebrating freedom of things essentially returning back to normal.

    But, it was an illusion, a short calm before the storm if you will. Whatever was going to happen (economic collapse, etc.) was going to follow shortly after a rolling back of restrictions (maybe what will be perceived as the end of the pandemic?).

    So, look out for that as a cue and pray for guidance. Indeed, as you rightly said, the only place our treasure is safe is in heaven with Jesus. I’ve had some dreams about America and they are quite troubling. Peace to you and please keep watch.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I have had the same dreams. Bad bad things are coming for this nation. I have also dreamed of Invasion and Kamala Harris taking the place of Biden after being removed from being "sick" and she put a needle in my arm where blood is drawn from the inside which was weird. I dreamed she brought the Obamas back and he rides this iron spider and its legs stretched out all across the nation. The narrator's words inside the dream were for Harris she is the brick breaker. I dream T X president T will be "Shot" and taken out who knows if that is true or not they are all together both parties and most politicians one in the same anyway to make it to where te are or where.
    GBY Brother. hello from the NC Mountains.

  5. We are witnessing the end of the petrodollar. When this occurs, the USA will suffer hyperinflation and potential civil war. However, many people envisage that US military will act militarily rather than letting the petrodollar fail. For this reason, the UK and US military are improving, enlarging and modernising their nuclear arsenals. Nuclear war could end all life n Earth, namely the manifestation of Revelation.

  6. Wealth of the sinner is layed up for the Righteous.
    Jeremiah 7 tells us who are kept behind after the Restrainer departs, the abortionist idolators an oppressors who don't walk in love as commanded to do in Mark 12:29-31.
    I'm of the tribe of Simeon!
    Bless you my friend.
    I saw the Wealth coming in my dream, bars of gold, along with gold coins going into my pocket.
    Jeremiah 7 tells us who are kept behind after the Restrainer departs.

  7. God bless you brother. Why do you think i never receive dreams from God? I was saved in 2016 and i have a passion for bible prophesy, but i never get any dreams or visions.

  8. Bitcoin is going to change the whole way we use and manage money from now to 2025 cash and credit as we know it will be obsolete which is a very good thing because for once it means people will have the ultimate power over the economy, not the 1 % elite that controls everything. That's why they are hating the rise of crypto, people like Bill Gates are literally shitting their pants right now right now ! We are now entering the blockchain economy, get ready, educate yourself about it so you can be part it and benefit from it. Don't be bias and hold on to the old ways ( cash, credit card etc) EDUCATE yourself about cryptocurrency, how to use it and invest in it etc. This war you saw in your dream is a symbolic meaning of how cryptocurrency will split society in two. On one side you'll have people who will thrive in it because they will know and understand how to crypto works and on the other side you'll have people who will be lost, confused and broke because of their refusal to accept it and their ignorance about crypto will be their financial downfall. Ignorance and refusal to evolve is always people's worst enemy. Praying and fasting is not going to stop progress, people just need to be educated and prepared about the financial world evolving into digital currency. It's a the logical next step. Keep your eyes on these cryoto : bitcoin, etherum dogecoin, lithcoin, good luck !

  9. Thanks for uploading. God woke my wife up in early mornings in September and told her civil war was coming soon and to Trust Him and be ready. Yes, we need to pray and seek Christ. Godspeed my brother in Christ.

  10. I'm living im my van. No job. Not paying bills. Living on tax stimulus. I haven't filed taxes over 10 years. No mask.

    Fasted 12 days in jail.
    Trespassing charge was dropped.
    The jail baker acted me 72 hours.
    Released from custody and mental health facility.
    My religious freedoms and civil liberties were
    taken from me. I had the right to refuse medication. I had the right to refuse to consent to their medical.


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