It’s staggering how much and how fast the world around us is changing. Now is the time to practice silence and listen to God…read his word…follow his ways. Brace for what’s ahead of us! To His glory!!



  1. Comments and videos are disliked bombed by Chinese bots, meaning they dislike a comment or video so much that they have it deleted.
    But thank you for this video, telling us about dreams really gives me comfort, and also a knowing that God won’t leave us in the dark. God is always with us if we come into Him, He is grace, and He is mercy, and He is love.

  2. I had a dream that I was inside a firery large ball hurdling toward earth. Yet, I I somehow made it out in my mind that I was in an elevator and that it was going to hit the ground. I was calling on the name of Jesus and new at some point it was going to hit the ground. Then as it was getting closer to impact it acted like an elevator, as all of a sudden It came to a stop and the doors of the fire ball opened to let me out. As I exited I came out to a dart and scorched earth with absolutely nothing but burt ground and a fire in the distance devouring everything.

  3. Just want to share my dream with you. I am not sure whether this is a prophetic dream or not. But becasue I had dreams that came to pass, so I would like to share it, and maybe it will help somebody.

    I had this short dream in early 2015. In the dream I was with my girl friend in my backyard. We were discussing an incident that happened in Japan. In the dream, I had the knowing that we had this discussion 2 weeks after the incident happened. The incident was, out of nowhere, there was a nuke explosion in Japan. It was't a nuke attack from China or Russia. It was because Japan secretly making the nukes, and for some reason, one of the nuke blew up by itself. I did not see the explosion in the dream, but I knew every news media in the world were talking about this, and we were all in shock. And I remember in the dream that the whole world were very nervous and sad about what is going to happen next.

    Recently, the former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe was assasinated. After that, Japanese government is aggressively trying to amend the constitution to expand their military forces. Will Japan secretly making the nukes ? I don't know. Time will tell.

  4. I did not delete my comment. Yesterday, I merged 2 comments into one. But, I added another comment, and it was deleted by Youtube. If you mention some words they don't like, Youtube will detect it, and delete my comment. Many Christians have moved their channels to other platforms, I think you should do the same.


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