In this video, Prophet @Jeremiah Johnson Ministries details his shocking dream about President Trump and the future of America. What should Christians be doing in this prophetic season, how should we pray, and will Trump win in the November 2020 election? This interview will provide a very clear and accurate vision of where the United States of America is heading.

Pastor Alan DiDio specifically asks Brother Johnson about the 3 biggest principalities opposing the President and the Nation: racism, radical feminism, and abortion (Molech) and what the Church can do to stop them.

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Trump and the Future of America:
Judgement on the House of God – Book:

QUESTION OF THE DAY! What do you think is going to happen in November? What part of this video really stuck out to you? Let us know in the comments! Also let us know where you are watching from!

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—–More about Jeremiah Johnson—–

Encountering Jesus. Equipping a Prophetic Generation. Empowering Church Leaders.
Jeremiah loves revival history and has a passion to see a Third Great Awakening sweep through America by a message of repentance, holiness, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. He loves to train and equip prophetic people and prophets in their gifting and teach them how to be an asset and blessing to the body of Christ, not collateral damage. He has authored several books on prophetic ministry and is currently working on several more projects.

Jeremiah is married to his beautiful wife Morgan and they have three children: Bella Grace, Israel David, and Lydia Joy. In his spare time, Jeremiah enjoys going to the gym, reading books, and eating American food.

For more information about Heart of the Father Ministry, the church Jeremiah planted in Lakeland, FL please visit To learn more about Jeremiah Johnson’s prophetic ministry and travel schedule visit

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