This dream confirmed Pastor Dana Coverstones dream to me. War is coming to the US and we have to be prepared we have to cling onto God!!!

It’s coming!!! Several people are having warning dreams about this. It’s time to depart from sin and seek the Lord of Lords and King of Kings🙏🏽

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  1. Are we truly ready? Are we truly holy like we must be to be worthy of His Kingdom? Many so called Christians (a broad and overused term) like to ignore that God is a just God and will not hold anyone guiltless if they do not repent and STOP sinning. Let us check ourselves and keep on cleansings our minds, attitudes of all that which is against how true children of God must live. Also, if anything you hear does not align with SCRIPTURE it is false.

  2. Locking arms with random people in dreams fighting bears I always had the feeling that the bears represented some power or country then the title had the country. Only know if the dream connects in someway then some of it can be true.

  3. The way you described this, two things came to mind: Pearl Harbor and d-day but this will be a war to end all wars. This war everyone continues to dream about is going to make Pearl Harbor and d-day seem like child's play. But we will fear no evil for our God is with us, and if our God is with us, then none shall we fear. As it is written, not a weapon formed against us will prosper.

  4. Pray for me sister. I need it. I had a dream about that too. God bless. I was punched and I looked in the mirror and I had a mark from the punch but I felt absolutely no pain

  5. I have had very similar visions. I am presently quietly preparing my local and national veterans to be ready for reactivation. In addition, I am warning local residents to stockpile dry & canned foods while there is still time left. Others throughout America should be doing something similar to ready their community so they don't freeze during a critical time. Woe to the inhabitants of the cities.


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