1. God Bless You. Right on point, great message. They come after me when I’m tired and cleaning the house, trying to make me angry toward my wife, lol. I cast those spirits and demons out of me, my wife, my kids, my house, my dogs in the name of Jesus. Bless and anoint your home with oil and cast those demons out. Put your faith in Jesus, repent and turn away from sin. Pray you are worthy of the Rapture and the Lord comes soon and we are spared from his wrath. Stay strong, we fly soon. Jesus is coming for his Bride. The Tribulation is on the door step, do not be left behind, it will be horrific and you will have to die for your faith to be saved. Do not take the poison shot, it is the MOB. If you have, repent for taking it and take no more, we are still in the age of grace, so you may still be saved.


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