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Hey guys I had this dream last week. I wasn’t sure about sharing this dream because I know what it meant in my spirit but I didn’t want to sound like a hater or a clout chaser… I tried to ignore this dream but God reminded me twice. Let’s pray for Bishop Jakes. 🙏🏼

Edit: The first thing I looked for in the scriptures was Angel Of Light. The Holy spirit led me to this verse. And the second thing I searched for was the bird cage.

2 Corinthians 11:14 KJV
And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

Jeremiah 5:27 KJV
27 As a cage is full of birds, so are their houses full of deceit: therefore they are become great, and waxen rich.



  1. Hey ima tell you this my brother in Christ when you told the dream then read that verse that you read I felt the Holy Ghost it was a great concern it’s a reason why you shared that verse and nothing else that is the true revelation there is many Prophecies about TD Jakes God is not happy prayer needs to go forth love you ❤

  2. You guys don’t know he is a member of Maison?? And every one in that member has to sacrifice babies to the cult. No do ur research with his members and find it out for yourself. I am sorry for his followers who still beleive they go to heaven

  3. Who the Son sets free is free indeed
    John 7:36
    Not put in a glorified cage of light but freedom.
    He is maybe deceived in this cage… With false lights.
    The being was maybe a spirit of bondage.
    Groomed looking good but full of deceit. Self deception.
    The holy spirit took you to the right word…
    We must pray that God delivers him from this bondage and from the snare of the Fowler.
    Out of darkness into God's real marvelous light in Jesus mighty name..

  4. This is the 10th video of a child of God having prophetic dreams of TD Jakes demotion or something negative. I hope TD Jakes is listening. God is don't everything to give him a way of escape.
    I seen him preach in 2018 at my church sand I heard alot of New Age terminology and it alarmed me. Prayer he will hear God, repent and move forward in the holy spirit In Jesus name🙏

  5. The light around him that seemed like a guardian angel is Satan presenting himself as an angel of light. There’s a verse in 2 Corinthians that speaks of this.

    “But I am not surprised! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”
    ‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭11:14‬ ‭NLT‬‬

  6. The birdcage represents deception and Gods anger!!

    God is angry with Bishop for being deceitful and money hungry, anytime you see someone in a cage it’s because of deception deep deception being corrupt almost like being a devil in the dark and God is angry about that God is very angry about what he’s doing to the sheep I keep hearing money hungry But I also pray for Bishop TD Jakes right before judgment comes upon him in Jesus name amen

  7. TD snakes is not a man of God. That cage was the most high keeping him bound for his wickedness. He is a prosperity preacher not winning souls for the lord. Do not believe me test the spirit for yourself 💚💯

  8. Thank you for sharing the message you received from the Lord, indeed is not an easy task to do. As for Td jakes ; Israël Houghton, the other leaders around the world, and the people following & worshiping them, the judgment of God of has been rendered to me in a dream this night & will come to past in the next few days. It is as follow :

    – For the warning, God used to reach them – read ( Genesis 4: 3-7 )
    – For the sins they committed & for what God is judging them – read ( Daniel 5: 1-4 ; Genesis 4:8 ; 1kings 21: 1-16 )
    – For the judgment of God – read ( Daniel 5 : 5-28; Genesis 4: 9-12; Matthew 21 : 12-13 ; 1kings 21 : 19-24 )

    And finally, God is saying to them & his people included, = whoever has ears, hear what the spirit say to the church. Read carefully ( Revelations 1 : 4-8 ; revelations 2 : insist on verses : 7-11-17-26 to 29 ; revelations 3 : insist on verses 5-12-13-21-22).

    Beware also, for the year that we are in (2022) & the coming ones, difficult days are ahead of us & we will experience things such as written in revelations 8 : 1-13 : exodus 7: 14-29 ; exodus 8 -9 -10 & 11. This is the wrath of God. But yet, in those days, unfortunately people will not repent .

  9. I have been reading the word of God for a while and asking him for understanding the Bible tells us everything that will happen and what has happened we all know that this is coming to and end you don't have to believe in God people have the choice to make there own decisions so no one not even me can cry when you wake up and find your self in hell talking about i didn't know and a lot of us think we can have one foot in the church and one out and think we are good you can not severe the world and God for he said you can only severe one God ask your truthfully who are you really serving

  10. Anytime anybody dream of being locked in a cage it means you are in bondage or trapped (spiritually)the big supernatural being you saw was making sure he stayed in bondage. Think about it if you’re in a cage you can only go so far. Your spirit man is the real you, if he is trapped in the spirit he can’t do anything in the natural.


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