I just woke up out of a horrible tsunami dream.
Yesterday there was a BIG quake in an Indonesian island, 7.3 or 4 or 5



  1. Hi, I'm from California and 3 days ago I had a dream of an Earthquake that struck California. It split California the land went up vertical and we slid down and fell into the Ocean. Me and my son we're just floating around and I couldn't see anything but water end of dream. When I was watching the small amount of water that hit the West Coast from the Volcano eruption the other day I felt in my heart that was a precursor for what's to come.

  2. Hello my name is kaylynn I do believe your dream was real and God is letting his children know that something is coming. Over the last year I've had a few dreams about tsunamis hitting the central coast and I was trying to warm people in my dreams but nobody would listen and by the time it came it was already to late. I've also had dreams about an apocalypse starting and everyone flooding to the grocery store to get supplies so they could survive. I hear your message and I know others will to. Hold fast to God and don't let anything keep you down. I am praying for you. Amen

  3. Depending on how the timeline plays out I remember there being mentions of 2027-2029 being the years of moving waters though things are moving much quicker now than how they were just a couple years ago. I seen my home state of Texas flooding though much more slowly and that people not only had time to pack up but for things to be done so in a somewhat calm manner. From what others have said/seen the East coast won't be so lucky.

  4. January 2011 I had a similar dream for which I thought was Rio in Brazil only for the big one to hit Japan later that March. The water in the dream was much deeper and I watched the currents swirled around the high rises while seeing the green hills or low mountains in the background.

  5. I’m in California, a few weeks ago I dreamed I was on a submarine that was at the top of the water at port, a huge wave was coming so I ran to shut and lock the submarine door. When I woke up I felt it was similar to Noah’s ark, or rapture possibly as it was snatching me from harm, hmmm

  6. Thank you sister for sharing that! Wow! When you were telling your dream, I felt pain in my heart and sorrow. Now, I asked the Lord if I tell my dream, and I felt the Holy Spirit all over me, so I feel it is okay to share.
    In a future and don't know how far in the future, our Lord dropped me into a neighborhood. It was sunny, but that was not the disturbing part. As soon as I was dropped off, I happened to see "human hybrids walking on the neighborhood street! There were mixed with pitbull and human. I saw one in front of me walking upright, another black young man, and another pitbull but this one was a normal dog. I knew right away that they came from working from a prison. I couldn't see them clearly enough but that they were hybrids. There was another one behind me hybrid also. They could not see me and they didn't know of my presence. Also, I felt that "the bride was gone" up to Heaven. I didn't see any cars what so ever. I saw houses back to back. I don't know where it was if it was in the United States or somewhere else I was not revealed. So, I freaked out to see these monstruocities. I took off walking in a fast pace toward the street and the one behind me was walking the same path I did. Then, around of the end of the street, I ran into another one of those hybrids and the one behind me told the one in front of me said; "hello Raymond"! It sounded half a dog/human sound when it spoke. Then the dream ended. I don't know when this will happen but I know in the future it will. I have told anyone of this. You are the first. Anyway, I am doing things today and thank you for sharing your dream. God bless! 😍 🙌

  7. Deep breaths my Darling 😪🌹If I believe ANYONE IT IS YOU MY PRECIOUS PAULI😯😘🌹thank you 🌹 YOU SHARE YOUR DREAMS 🙏YOUR VOICE NEEDS TO BE HEARD🙏GOD BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU😘🙏it takes guts to share the dreams that God gives you💋🌹LOVE YOU❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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