Blake was given a dream from the Holy Spirit. This dream was about Blake and his Father walking and they see a Tupac Shakur movie being produced where Tupac was starring in the movie as himself. I had this dream on May 30, 2010. Now in 2011 after the great prophet Tupac Shakur was murdered 15 years ago in 1996, a movie is being put into production. Almost a year after I had my dream. Go to InSearchof and you will see there is now a Tupac Shakur movie coming out.



  1. 'eat my flesh flesh of my flesh'…those who come to me will never hunger, etc… with the gas thing? Frank Alexander, pac's bodyguard, talks in his doc bout pac, how he dont know how he had the gas to even stay up with pac when he got shot….
    gotta check the 3rd part…this is actually a good watch.

  2. elijah….caught up to heaven in a whirlwind…..'me and my girlfriend' would be tha don KILLUMINATI and his bride (open your Bible to Luke 9, read verse 1, then read verse 22)… notice anythin with that song?…even w/ the 'exorcisin all demons' lol…and who covered that song? 'jehovah and his bride'… is language.


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