The Holy Spirit Gave Me Prophetic Revelation After Making This Video. A Major ANNOUNCEMENT Shall Come Next! Here Is The Original Warning With Exact Area: Watchman Warning 4-27-16: Heavy Heart Something Major Coming! Maps Shown Prophetic Dream Of Obama Speech Shared 2-21-18: News Article Obama Gives SECRET Speech 2-23-18:



  1. I'm not falling asleep to the things of the world. I'm out of the world other than working, paying Bill's and buying food and gas. I don't even go on FB or other social networking. I do surf the internet at work. I don't watch television, go to parties, ball games, bars, clubs, or even special and if I go the movies it's only for Christian movies.

  2. SHIVA is the mascot of C.E.R.N. at the ATLAS BUILDING. see google images. the HINDU god of CHAOS, next to Brahma the creator and VIshnu the repairer. (POPE see himself as VISHNU. Turn the back of POPE;s robe the IHS, in latin and it becomes SHI for SHIVA the god of destruction and UPSIDE cross of LUCIFER. W= 21 st Heb. Letter for destruction or #23 in Roman alphabet for W= destruction, TRINITY, 666, the Vav, 3xs becomes the W. WWW=worldwide web, 666, TRINITY of 3 men ruling the World: VATICAN, CITY OF LONDON, WASHINGTON DC. The LAST 3 REMAINING CITY-STATES in the World, all run by the VATICAN, THE JESUITS….aka the CRUSADERS prior to 9/23/1540. DAY OF JESUIT CREATION, run by the Superior General, the BLACK POPE, who coincidentally is elected every time our president is elected and run 8 years. ARTURO SOSA. Advisor to PRESIDENTS, from the Vatican.

  3. SUN ON THE HORIZON, crescent moon with the star is the LINGAM, Hindu for the MARK, the shape of VATICAN SQUARE, matches exactly the SHIVA, god of chaos and destruction in INDIA, aka: Allah, and in the CATHOLIC MONSTRANCE that holds the wafer, see the SUN RAYS around the host holder at every altar of Catholic Churches and worship to the QUEEN OF HEAVEN, the MARK in HEBREW the 19th letter for Q, the Queen, the QOF, QOPH, in Hebrew. the MARK OF CAIN, in HEB. QAYIN, the fruit basket sacrifice, also still practiced in INDIA, fruit offered to the SHIVA GOD and 6,000 others at LINGAMS everywhere, the MARK! YOGA is HINDU and OM is Allah in HINDU. YOGA is a religion from INDIA and belief in Reincarnation.

  4. SEE: …THE FULFILLMENT OF YOU 'CANNOT SELL OR BUY WITHOUT THE 'MARK'. it is being held in Berlin, Germany…their money is called the MARK, coincidence? The 19th letter in Heb. is QOPH, QOF, for Queen or Physical MARK, the SUN ON THE HORIZON, OBAMA's LOGO. The 4th letter of Heb. (APRIL) is for dalet, the door, the portal…opening. APRIL 19 is the final day of 3 day lecture and conference.

  5. Obama is filled with Spiritual Evil & they have a hard time keeping the flies off of him. There's enough gun laws now, they should arm teachers & enforce mental illness laws. Leave our guns alone. Trump should have signaled in advance he'd do these tariffs, so it's not a big surprise to the markets!! China will back all the Islamic States & North Korea in a combined attack on the USA & Israel soon. The CIA leaders say they'll have succeeded when everything Americans believe is a lie. This Extreme Censorship is Evil & is done to cover the Satanic Deceptions & Shutdown of USA Constitutional rights. All Nations need to throw this invasion of Combat age immigrants out!!

    NASA & the Government have been caught spraying Lithium, Barium, Strontium & Aluminum for daily Geoengineering!! Satanists are useful idiots & cowards that Satan uses. The Florida school cop is a coward who refused to engage the shooter(s) & resigned. Trump is trying to do some good things, but is being blocked by the Satanic NWO & diabolical deep state. Jesus warned us about the Synagogue of Satan. Fake jews like the Sanhedrin follow the Satanic NWO & the Talmudic inspired Synagogue of Satan that openly brags about destroying all mainly White European nations, while putting the Kalergi plan in motion there & in USA, Canada and Australia. There's a Church of Satan consisting of Fake Christians like the Bush & Clinton Satanists which follow the Satanic NWO too. So lets call a Spade a Spade, a Satanist a Satanist!!

  6. IF Jubilee year is 2017 as many say, there is much less than a month left to the year 2017 to complete Jubilee (about March 17, 2018. In Exodus 12 (Shemot) our Creator, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, called the PASSOVER MONTH to be the FIRST month of the year. The LAST TRUMP of the year would be the NEW MOON when the shofar is to be blown. (?)

    Our Creator promised in Amos 9:11 "In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old:" The place of the tabernacle is not where is being considered for the temple, neither of two sites. The place is clear to set up the tabernacle again, NOW. WHEN? when the people begin to believe. The Tabernacle could be set up BEFORE the end of our Creator's calendar year ends about March 17. That would also make it available for the Passover. ("Christ" will not be there in person, but in Spirit) Our Creator only has to reveal the location of the Tabernacle, an easy thing for Him to do.

    This much I know for sure; in 1991 It was commanded from on High that oil and wine be poured over my head so it flowed over my body as I stood upright.
    It was later spoken by revelation, "All the power Moses had and more you have if you use it to My will, otherwise, you will have nothing. You will be doing great things in My name." Moses had faith in the God who spoke and commanded wisdom for a people who would listen. We can all have that, but I know I have that faith.

    I know that I have been equipped to lead rulers of nations and religions to correct and perfect their religion; their eyes are ONLY open now because we have been brought to the edge of destroying one another and going extinct by the culture we have created by ignoring the wisdom of our Creator.

    Our Creator has also revealed His true Hebrew names and strong reasons to use it NOW. ( SACRED NAMES.) YAHUVEH (YHVH) is the Father; YAHUSHUA is the Son; both names mean YAH SAVES. The Son has the Father's name. When the people shall say, "Blessed is he who comes in the name of YAHUVEH" they shall see "Messiah" again, for "Messiah" is the WORD OF GOD, faithful and true, in truth as written, (not as taught,) the same, yesterday, today and forever.

    I was in Israel September 29, 1995 through November 27, 1996 sharing a message for peace, as I did in September 1993 before the signing of the Peace Accord with President Bill Clinton, Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat, at a synagogue at LaGuna Hills, California. Yitzhak Rabin rejected the message both times as prophesied in Isaiah 28:10-22 … when they made their covenant with death.

    Pray about this. The goal of our Creator is not death and destruction; it is that all be saved by repentance, for the blood shed on Calvary paid the blood sacrifice required for the remission of sins.

    Our loving, living God and Creator promises to "cut His work short in righteousness." That means WE must want righteousness or "no flesh shall be saved."

  7. had dream 3 men in military coats, my son carrying a white poster board along side with one in parking lot near a school and townhouse complexes,. other near a child ,the child is opening a door in the floor but door has white wheels on it lots dark down there.

  8. Oh great, have you heard he's on his way to New Zealand? It's scheduled for 3/22. The news stated it was for a 'private visit'. Only 1000 people will be invited to hear it speak. They said 'he will be bringing a spirit of hope'. Oh he'll be bringing a spirit alright but it sure as heck won't be called Hope!

  9. Mp I can't hold on to this anymore, I fear for the life of Trump! I feel like "they" will assassinate him! And then all hell breaks loose in the next couple months! I've been feeling dread and it's getting worse with every passing day! ******BROTHERS AND SISTERS IT'S TIME TO GET PREPARED, TIME IS ALMOST UP! ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT ONLY THE LORD JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY HAS U AND UR FAMILY IN THE PALM OF HIS RIGHTEOUS RIGHT HAND NOW AND FOREVER AND ALWAYS, AMEN!

  10. I remember the Jewish boy who claimed that O is Gog.  I didn't know what to think of what he said he saw.  But a UN position could put O as head of an international army to come against Israel.  Thank you for your continued videos.  I always look for yours first.

  11. It seems to me that everywhere O butface goes something bad happens, is he more like HaSatan's version of John the Baptist, who is he preparing the way for hmmm? A bad tree can't put forth good fruit, and a good tree can't put forth bad fruit!!! and if looks are deceiving, wait for the fruit, All things work together for good to those that love God!!! You will know them by their works!!! God bless You and the Misses Paul!!! (The Outcast)

  12. Minister Paul I knew when satan was trying so hard for you to give up God was leading you to something. You are a wonderful watchman and the devil knows this. He thought he could make you quit, that is why I told you not to listen to him keep pushing on. Praise God for you and Sister Gail. You are wonderful watchman for Jesus Christ. God bless you both.

  13. I wonder if Obama will orchestrate a peace deal with Syria. Violence has escalated this week, many children have been killed and they are living in appalling conditions. The UN are trying to reach an agreement to call a cease fire but Russia hasn't agreed. If Obama gets them all to agree a peace treaty after all the years of fighting he will be seen as a hero.

  14. Confirmation, given 2 Samuel 5:20, Divine Reversal, exposing hidden secret evil & wrongdoers.Shining the Light. GOD is about to intervene & break thru our enemies like a flood. Victory,Restoration,fullness is come. Purim is coming next wk, will Boomerang hit Haman? Let's watch and be ready, JESUS IS COMING!! GOD bless you & Gail


  16. Obama will be holding some kind of dinner/feast on 3/3. I’m not sure what it’s for but just thought I’d let you know of that speech coming up. Think I seen on “bornforbattle” YT ch. God Bless Brother Paul✝️🕊💕

  17. Minister Paul about 4 years ago I had a dream of Obama standing in a corner.. a dark corner.. Like down in a Subway…and he morphed into a demonic human size rat … no kidding.. the dream was so real I know it meant something

  18. I feel like we're close to war also. It's been on my mind for awhile and I can't shake it. Someone said to me, "You like all this stuff, don't you?" He meant warnings of weather, war, people's prophetic dreams I post. Well, they're all asleep. Maybe someone will listen, so they're not caught by surprise. You and the Holy Spirit are doing a great job giving us these head ups. Thank you!

  19. Amen would like to share with everyone else that Obama is running for the UN secretary general so he will be in charge of world decisions. Meaning giving Obama in charge of the world and go forth with a one world religion and one world order. Also March 4th something may happen in Houston there is a Christian group playing Christian music.


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