God gave me a Dream on June 7, 2020 about the future of America. Prophetic dream, New Founding Fathers..
If you haven’t listened to the Purge Dream a few years ago on our channel go to our playlist and check it out.

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  1. This matches George Washington's vision – He saw three wars on our soil. The first was the war he was in and was told by the angel he would be victorious. He saw a second one coming from Africa and how we fought among ourselves and the Union prevailed. The last war was worse than both and the invasion came from the east. He saw at first that we were "nigh overcome." But then somehow miraculously we came back from what looked like total defeat to victory forcing the enemy to leave our land. Just google George Washingtons Vision. I personally believe it could start this year. The good thing is in the end we win but the bad thing is all hell is about to be unleashed upon our land and we need to wake up and get prepared.

  2. Hammer & sickle may represent comunism. I noticed in this channel 4 yrs ago u hv video of dream about Rusia & China invasion to US. They may symbolize communism or they liteŕally means armies of those countries planning to come to US


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