This video is about prophetic dream on antichrist and the beast with two horns.
The video entails how the beast with two horns appeared to me in a dream one night.
At first it was the two huge horns which were scary and later the face of the beast.
Then confusion arose everywhere.Shouts of “antichrist!antichrist!Jerusalem!Jerusalem!”could be heard all over.
I believe there is a symbolic meaning of this dream which I had never encountered before.
My prayer is that God will grant us peace and endurance in these last days.
Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)



  1. I Blair James Hay a Virgo Scorpio hereby take leadership of the 144000 over the bible was written by man himself not by god 50 percent of the bible is correct so many parts are missing from it I'm going to lead people back to god spirit source through awakening and enlightenment of humanity I want to assume full leadership of humanity and take over the responsibility of god fulfilling prophecy to come I live in Victoria BC Canada I have a love of my life missy oka who reads tarot on YouTube at saltwater heals tarot I intend to give her the world and lead the world too being a better place for all once in leadership I intend to provide all with shelter food medicine clothes and a basic income for all not just the select elect and dark principals of the world I want with the help of spirit and god to take leadership soon amen and god bless everyone here today and the entire soul tribe which is humanity not just our select elect and dark principals amen our breathern


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