1. They already have to chemical agents under jeading of MK-Ultra. The have ointments etc that are put on liquid soaps and shampoo, lotions etc. When they get ready to produce mass groups to flip out and seem to be loosing it, these are ppl that have gotten the chemicals in mucous membrances like eyes and nose. These ointments cause severe mental problems and cant be traced. Im buying ahead and am trying to learn to make my own soap. I knew this was coming. I always use bar soap at present. I will learn to make shampoo also. What ive said is a confirmation of it comong more quickly. Ppl maybe should consider doing these things too bc it may be a way to barter later or at least keep ur own mind. These chemical agents are laced in products and cause psychosis and mostly irreversable and very difficult to detect. Ive been doing my research. I got this onfo from a SRA abuse survivors. 2 have mentioned this concocted plan and have even witnessed the results on others first hand. Buyers be warned!

  2. Seho song I work in Sun Pharma, India. Here before entering the company cleaning your hands with alcohol based hand sanitizer is compulsory during this covid-19 pandemic. Will this be considered sin in God's sight?

  3. May Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent YAHUWAH bless you all forever and ever and ever more! YAHUWAH Elohim Elshaddai Eliymelek shama Maranatha Hoshana Shakan Immanuel Hallelujah Shalom! Amen! Exalt all the glory, grace, honor, majesty, mighty, power, praise, righteousness and sovereignty of Heavenly Kingdom attributing to almighty Holy Name YAHUSHUA HaMashiach Tsebayoth Amen, very thanks a lot for your kindest sharing and valuable contribution in the Ministry as a prophetic messenger & watchman of mighty KING of Kings and LORD of Lords – YAHUSHUA HaMashiach! Amen!

  4. Yes…… the chemical in sanitizers get into the skin. A petting zoo used hand sanitizer and people had built up a resistance to them that germs were not affected.

  5. I saw a comment on a YT Q video the other day saying that Q says the virus is IN hand sanitizer. Haven't touched it since.

    Wouldn't surprise me. The CDC testing kits were contaminated with the virus.

  6. Self-replicating nano technology and everybody should read the literature that is available online. the capabilities this new type of technology has is staggering and will sober you up u real quick.

  7. I explain to the woman at the store that said I had to use hand sanitizer before I entered the store. I said oh I am allergic to the alcohol and benzine. I pulled out my own little bottle of sanitizer and showed her it was store bought brand. Thieves and squirted some on my hands with nothing more than my hand lotion. 🙂 Make your own and put in commercial bottles.

  8. Brother Seho and Sister Gwendolyn we are going to Share the Video but A’HÂYÂH is Almighty Father’s Name Hebrew for I AM per Exodus Chapter 3 Verses 13-15 check out and Jesus is not the Messiah Yashaya is our Messiah’s true Name check out and We have been thinking about the Hand sanitizers as well Confirmation!!! Be blessed in Yashaya’s Mighty Name Peace and Shalom!!!
    #repent #remnant #slowdownon #thehandsanitizers #flatearth

  9. I have been using hand 🖐 🤚 sanitizer for years now maybe they’re not the type they have now but a used Remington alcohol to kill the germs on my hands face just like a friend he has not had a cold or flu.
    I repent daily sometimes more than others I try to look 👀 the other way but sometimes looking the other way and there’s something there too. There is many things that make a person sin road rage looking at someone with lust now that’s common in many men I Rather look at a ladies eyes than anything else.
    Using Bad language there are many more sins committed every hour every minute every second of the day. Before I asked for forgiveness I repent of the sin, (sins) and if I remember blessing the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. If I remember.
    God Bless all of You. Jesus may be on His way right now. So keep some extra oil for your lamps.
    Remember the dead shall rise first the the living. So be on my he look 👀 out.


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