PART 2 of Lindsay’s prophetic dream – “God blesses his people and God judges his enemies”.

Be sure to watch PART 1 of Lindsay’s prophetic dream!

November 3, 2021

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  1. In a dream, I saw my deceased father in a football helmet. 2 nights later, in a dream, I saw a crescent moon in a u shape. The 2 tips curled inwards and downwards, like 2 hooks, and I heard a voice. First it said 145. Then it said Adar. Can you pray for discernment and reply if possible, in Jesus's Name.
    Christina Motley from Oklahoma City.
    God bless you in Jesus's Name.

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your little Zuko, Lindsey. I lost my home and job this year. Ssince i found myself homeless, i had to sadly put my beloved Freckles into adoption . (A sassy, loving, intelligent ginger boy cat, who was very special to me.) Rescued him as a kitten.
    Many losses. You are both a source of love and inspiration. Thank you~~

  3. God lead me to this and it is exactly what I need. It is also in line with another word the Lord gave me personally yesterday. Praise Jesus! Thank you for your beautiful sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. I love you two! May our precious Lord continue to bless you both, your family's, and your pets and your hearts.

  4. Well so glad u guy's are back! Glad to see u guy's upon u tube. Lo both of u guy's. Keep up the good work for the Lord Jesus.Please pray for me. ! I have been having lot of trouble with my heart. Also I can't lay on my right side due to getting dizzy. Please pray for my son and daughter. We need ur prayers really bad. Got bless u!

  5. I heard this testimony from this chap who went to heaven. He noticed that it was very much like the earth. So he asked Jesus why and He told him that the things of the earth was his original design. So animals in heaven should really be expected.

  6. Thank you for sharing Lindsey! LIKE YOU, my 13 year old Brindle female Boxer went to be with the Lord, and I KNOW , KNOW that my Boxer ZOE is in heaven ! I WAS Widowed in 2017 After a Godly Christian marriage to my husband Keith for 25 years.I was " caught up in the spirit" and saw Keith and every pet dog 🐶 🐕 I had since early childhood! Keith told me in this vision, " Rhonda , the Lord loves you and I love you, but you have to go back and finish your race." Before I could speak to answer, I was immediately thrown backwards into my physical body, and I awoken panting for breath! I believe I receive the blessings of the Lord that the locust has stolen.Currently standing IN FAITH for a new home since I was WIDOWED in 2017.

  7. I am in full agreement with you both. I need physical help and healing in a huge way to get past MS. I truly believe that He has me in His sights. Healing and miracles are coming my way. It's not an easy road this past year but I will not lose my faith 🙏
    Again, I pray that God brings you both comfort after losing your puppy. May God bring you peace and comfort 🙏

  8. Amen! Hallelujah! Thank You Father! I believe and receive this word in Jesus' precious powerful name! You are a God of miracles of countless miracles of awesome signs and wonders! Amen! I call it done in Jesus' name!

  9. I continue to expect a miracle in my family
    i am the firstborn in Christ in my little family for many years now the only one

    Loving YESHUA/JESUS MY MESSIAH so much thank you from my whole heart for your blessed teaching
    i love you love america and love to listen to you shalom from Austria from Brig.


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