Dream symbols and other elements in dreams are an indication of where your life is going. Understanding dreams and visions puts you ahead of the enemy.

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  1. Today I dreamt receiving a cheque by I returned it claiming that is fake bt the person who was giving it took it so that he cash it into money but when he entered in the back he never came back what does mean

  2. Blessings everyone. I am very excited about my new beginning from our Father God. I recently saw two young ladies coming at me,both of them were wearing the same green t -shirts hallelujah. Also I dreamt about the number 14 new beginning.I thank God for restoration ahead of me. He is the lifter of my head hallelujah 🙏 I receive your ok n Jesus name

  3. Hi Sis. Agnes
    I'm so excited and blessed after that 7 days fast. It was my first time. I had 2dreams which I experience yellow or maybe it was sunlight.
    1. My daughter-in-law and one of her worker to every room of her work place they went the yellow light kept shining.
    2. Next l experience a bright light shining on a beautiful house and before I could enjoy the site it was all gone. Could you interpret for me.
    With thanks.

  4. Goodevening sister Agnes God bless you for your time and knowledge. pls you mention dreaming of a baby and on Saturday (29/10/2022). I dreamt I was carrying a baby and in the dream the baby was mine in the middle of the high way stranded and was trying to stop a bus while escaping all the big trucks on the high way, then I got tired and went to sit with the baby in one of the shops to eat please I dnt know if I make any sense but can you maybe enlighten me please?

  5. You are able God. Thank you for an all round prosperity by burning every evil that stops me from moving. You take all the pain in my heart. You take ashes and you give me beauty. I love you Jesus. You restore my destiny. Thank you sis for this revelations

  6. I'm so happy I meet you during my Fasting week…am so blessed… actually I have to ask for God's Mercy..I've been Complaining so much not knowing he has restored my Lost Glory😥😥God bless you Sis

  7. Hello mumbi, i dreampt wiping my shoes in one dream. In the other dream i saw a lion that was not aggressive, people ran away n when i tried to run away i saw it near me but could not harm me but i was fear ing the lion. It kept its steps near me .Interprete kindly


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