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  1. Thank you for this.God has been dealing with me when it comes to faith because am overwhelmed with what he is saying to me because it's alot and I need this faith to reap from this season. Thank you

  2. who told Abraham to sacrifice his son, the LORD; who told Hosea to marry a adulterous woman, the LORD. It is written in Isa42: 19-20: " who is blind but MY SERVANT, and deaf like the MESSENGER I SEND ? who is blind like the one COMMITTED TO ME , blind like the SERVANT OF THE LORD ? you have SEEN many things , but HAVE PAID NO ATTENTION; your ears are OPEN, but you  HEAR NOTHING ." His chosen ones knew that the LORD is ALWAYS RIGHT in EVERYTHING he say or do . whether it make sense or not in the nature , they just trust him blindly as  little children trust their parents blindly in nature . and that's my prayer :" I close my eyes to the world and shut my ears to the enemy . just let me hear your voices ONLY , so that I will follow wherever you lead , whatever it cost ."  thank you, GB!!!

  3. I left the world 5 years ago and am so grateful but I lost my job and career from Covid and suddenly I have nothing. Hotel is overdue. I have been praying for 2 days. I know that He is my provision. I know that I am a 100 fold Son of God. I have a Battle like no other right this moment. I don't want to borrow money. I believe Believe in His supernatural Love but yikes

  4. Let the Lord reign and don't be shocked by how non religious He is, or His joyful willingness to meet people right where they are! Roll up your sleeves, family. Be willing to jump in the mud and pull out what is precious to God! He is not easily offended but quick to LOVE what men have despised!

    (Thank you, Joe Joe for doing that for me)

    Oh shay day BOOM!


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