Published April 2, 2022

The Lord Gave me a Dream over and over of these numbers… 5-3-11, 5-3-11, 5-3-11 on Repeat and then he said read Matthew 5, watch or listen to know what he told me.

Releasing the Resurrection Revival
April 15-19,2022
Adair, OK
location: cross on the prairie

Nehemiah Prayer Summit
May 21-22 in NC

THE Return of the Prodigals Revival- we are calling the prodigals from the north, south, east and west!
June 11th, Nashville, Tennessee

Restoring The Wells Jacob- Realign the water from the Well.
June 2, 2022
California Area

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LIBERTY TURNIPSEED is a Ordained Pastor and the founder of Spirit Move Ministry a prophetic ministry who’s goal and heart is to continue to reveal what God is speaking and saying, because his Spirit is still moving and working and to prepare the body of Christ to go with the glory and bring in the end time harvest!

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  1. Thank you Liberty for your obedience. You have blessed me with this Word when I feel like giving up. I am believing God for restoration of my marriage and my son and his marriage. My husband and son are prodigals. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  2. I found your podcast on Audible but didn't find a dream class on the 54 episodes there. Will you still be adding that to the Audible podcast? Thanks for offering the 1st class for free.

  3. I downloaded podcast app because that seemed to be Charisma's app. But I couldn't find Prophecy News with your name. Did I go to the right place? (I won't use Spotify or TikTok because China owns them now. I don’t want China spying on me or my contacts via these apps.)

  4. Does anyone have a list of non-National banks? Thanks in advance. We know the mark will be tied to digital currency they’re already working on. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’•

  5. The George Floyd situation was used as a false flag. Paid for by George Soros. The Lord gave me a word of knowledge about that a long time ago. It was a diversion so the police could be defunded and the UN (SS style) force could come in. It worked somewhat in Canada. Not quite here.

  6. The persecution has NEVER stopped. The satanic cabal has been in control for thousands of years…and we just found out. Some of the mega churches are controlled opposition set up by the cabal including the vatican.

  7. My friend told me she was in lowes and was looking for a pot for a plant. She noticed their was budha stuff, and every other religion all over, but on christianity stuff there was only one tiny card on a shelf mixed in with all the pagan stuff for easter that could hardly be seen. Their was even a huge budha pot. It upset her and she asking the lady that worked there why?! Saying easter was about christ. Their is nothing of christ here but tons of pagan stuff. This is our lords holiday and this pagan crap has over taken it in here. Lady near her was listening and looked around and noticed what she was talking about and started crying as well. Their trying to cancel us out. So no more lowes for me! This is happening every where.

  8. Please pray for my Friend Sher, she lives in Canada and is in great need of prayers for cancer and will be going through surgery on the 12th, I am asking God to guide and direct every hand and mind that will be working on her case. Prayers for complete healing, I am asking this in JESUS's name, Amen Thank You All, and God Bless

  9. I have little dumb things happen to me. Does not matter where I go.When I was young it really made me mad. But now I have more patients. Sometimes I just have to laugh. Its so crazy


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