***The Sign of the Coming Blood Moon: 21 Jan 2019 (PT2) – Two Witnesses***



  1. This dream is authentic and cant be made up. But the suggestion that these two people as the two witnesses is wrong. Another way to look at it is to interpret them as proclamator (those who proclaim), and two of them as a symbolic of number 2 (repetition and affirmation). So what can be said is that the two witnesses may have been born somewhere. Thats how i see it.

  2. You, people, need to read your Bible (stop being deceived) the two witnesses will not be revealed until half of Jerusalem is invaded Zech 14:2, in the last days at the end of the great Rev 14:14-16 harvest of souls, this only comes in the Trumpet 6 season. The invasion (trampling the outer court's Rev 11:1-3) comes through Palestine by all the surrounding nations Ez 38 and 39 (Islamic in nature). In Rev 11:1-3 this invasion tribulation against Israel lasts 3.5 years (42 months), the two witnesses are only empowered at the same time as this invasion of Jerusalem,. This invasion triggers the final "Great Tribulation" of Israel and the nations Math 24:21. The two witnesses will not be advertising themselves only God reveals them at that time. The witness's job is to assist the body of Christ worldwide in His Glory to witness about Christ alone, of world of events in prophecy, as the spirit of prophecy is the witness of Jesus Christ (Rev 19:10). God will end with what He began with, a biblical pattern He designed. In Eden was a man and a woman clothed in His Glory given full authority as one (Zech 4) having the golden olive oil (sanctified set apart unto Christ), these two are a husband and wife with power given (miracles to heal to bring plagues) even over the elements. These two walk in the spirit of Elijah as one (Mal 4:5-6). This is as foretold, that's why only one specific person is mentioned in scripture to come in the spirit of Elijah (a man a true prophet trained and empowered by God) the other is a mystery hidden in God's plan (a woman trained by God the man's wife) making it two of them as witnesses. God is going to rub the devil's nose in it for 3.5 years, as to what Satan did in Eden, stealing the authority from man and woman. This all leads to the time of the restoration of all things Acts 3:21, and the 1000-year millennial reign of Christ on earth beginning at His return. The two witnesses are forerunners to this restoration, they die for Israel's salvation the last nation to be harvested (saved). See this website for more truth: http://www.joel2fire.com

  3. What I see is:

    /simple info about names taken from wikipedia/

    Dan – (Hebrew: Χ“ΦΈΦΌΧŸ, Dān) meaning "judgment", "he judged", "a judge";

    Barbara – the feminine form of the Greek word barbaros (Greek: βάρβαρος) meaning "stranger", "foreign" – "everyone who was not a Greek" = a foreigner;

    so, what I noticed is:

    a) Dan is a hebrew word (a representative of the Old Testament & "native" language – chosen people), Barbara is a greek word (a representative of the New Testament & foreign language – gentiles)

    b) the first witness is a Jewish man, the second witness is a "foreign/gentile" (from the chosen nation's perspective) woman.

    [ The good news are first for a Jew, then for a "Greek".
    I AM Alpha&Omega, beggining&the end. ]
    [ Old Testament, Jewish nation – Alpha
    New Testament, Gentiles – Omega ]

    c) Dan was a broadcaster: the judgement came! He introduced the witnesses = they are the (final) judgement (before the 2nd coming of the Lord).

    d) God created people in the image and likeness of Himself. Which is: man & woman. They together are united One(ness), reflecting the fullness of God.

    /additional thoughts, free associations(?):

    Name Daniel has dan inside: it can mean "the judge of God", "God is my judge"

    Daniel – the first witness, of the Old Testament (1/2 of apocalyptic prophecy); Alpha, beginning;

    Yeshua Himself – the second witness, of the New Testament (2/2 of apocalyptic prophecy); Omega, the end.

    ~~ ~~ ~~
    Thank you for sharing the dream. Let all of you be blessed by the Father. πŸ”₯

  4. Perhaps it is you who God has called to be one of the witnesses. I believe that because you continued through out the day to experience that same breeze. God was trying to connect you to the dream. Sister Barbara and Brother Dan are familiar to you. However I believe God was speaking to say, we all think it’s someone else that he has appointed. Not us. ( or You)
    I believe sister Barbara and Dan have a part to play in your purpose. It’s just a check in my spirit. Take it to the Lord. Perhaps repent if you think it’s always someone else and not believing God chose you.


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