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  1. WARNING..Jesus said not to live any islands right now cause they will be unsafe during the coming diasters. Islands Volcanos will go off and kill you. Please take the Warning seriously. GOD Bless you. This also means the Hawaiian Islands too.

  2. Alot of dreams and including visions are multi layered that is several stories per scene, it is a good idea to learn how to separate the layers, with practice you will become really good at it and be able to understand how the dream process works, when you use the vision process it works in a similar way. It's so useful you can find things of interest in desperate times or get better secrets, practice gives you a better memory and with memory you appear to get smarter. A hint, mobile phone usage and or wifi frequencies destroy higher intelligence abilities.

  3. Hi dan thats deep dream i feel like Property dream for u as we had thoses Dangerous winds the other day i didnt go out in it luckily enough because i had my daughter so we were Definitely not going that i think dreams ur Getting from the Lord to tell as to Prepare whats coming. I he told one time gonna be war and got Flag and people frighting Police and the Government over looking at as small tvs and i saw some many visons the new york StatueComing down and to do Harvest wich might mean coming back then meaning jesus the Rapture and i had 2 of dreams me in bath with no water but flet hiding 🙈 away and what see was like i feel in Future government and saw Police through the window and they guys and flet could be mark of Beast but i didnt see after the Vison with dream what happed next it was very scary real i most look to lord what ever bad happens🤨🧐😕🙏

  4. Brother Dan, you dont know me but I have been one of your subscribers for many years now, I love you brother and have always known Jesus and the Holy Spirit are on you big time, I take all your warrnings and dreams as God sent. thank you for all you keep on doing…God Bless


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