I had a dream about a Russian Invasion of the US. This was a terrifying dream and was very real in how it played out scene by scene! I have been dreaming since I was very young, and my dreams are prophetic.
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  1. Wow! Simply amazing!!! Thank you for sharing this. I know it's not a pretty dream. You MUST be favored by the lord. He wouldn't give you such a real dream if not. I've known for some time now, if you're getting that "Joel Osteen " happy go lucky messages, you're NOT hearing from the lord. If you're in America anyway.

  2. A few weeks ago, I had a dream about Putin and his troops. He had invaded the US but was in this large looming hologram form. He was overlooking the country while his troops ran across the country with all kinds of weapons killing people. He had this crazy wicked smile and just stood there. Bombs were dropping from the sky and there was smoke everywhere. I normally try to pull myself out of these types of dreams but couldn't this time.

    I didn't get hurt but many others did. I think something big is going to happen. Too much going on for us to not see this coming. At the time of the dream I wasn't thinking about Putin at all.

  3. I've been having a similar dream for years now. Standing in line with paperwork being reviewed, standing in a extremely long line seems like we were anxious to get through. I actually had the same dream 2 days ago again.

  4. We seem to be on the road to ruin we have inflation, shortage of baby formula ,a food shortage and famine coming, crime skyrocketing . The top economist saying we well on our way into Great Depression it will make the last one look like a church social. The sanctions and boycotts against Russia, which has hurt us it is rattling our reserve currency status and rattling the dollar . Russia supplies fertilizer for half of the world all these things work intricately together .We are poking the bear with a weaken military from the V. War simulations run by Pentagon China / Russia versus the U.S we were defeated in every simulation. Russian invasion I believe you because I had a dream we were occupied by Russians for a while. I saw the invasion it is coming, and we lived very far away from it all, so they left us alone, but many perished

  5. I had an eerie dream three years ago. My family was visiting my aunt near Monterey bay on the coast of california…. For some reason we were all super scared of something coming. I din’t know what it was, but we were all hiding in the apartment. I was standing by a window overlooking fields…. When this hauling loud sound starting to bear on us and we all ducked to cover. There was something so terrifying coming about that noice; it was so loud almost like a hunting cry. When I took cover and covered my ears, I woke up.

    Than with the war going on in Ukraine. I watched a random military short of Russian fighter jets and bombers, when the su-57 was shown; it’s sounded eerily the same as the noise heard in my dream.

  6. Wow, this definitely resonates with my spirit Michele, thank you for sharing! Celestial from the Master’s Voice channel has actually posted about visions/dreams she received from the Lord regarding the invasion of the US by Russia & China united together- she too indicated how the Russians would NOT tolerate those who talked back (like the “Karen” behavior you described exactly) & even said how they would be mocking them! Your dream was just a confirmation that the Lord is warning us of what’s to come. God bless you & maranatha Lord Jesus!

  7. This reminds me of RJ Larson's Christian fiction series beginning with the book titled "prophet". Ella's warns people at a certain juncture not to fight back. I am not the least surprised when such does happen. It shouldn't surprise us. We have left God and time and time again and Christians aren't the exemption of God's people to have the country overtaken by enemies. I have been in much thought and grieving what I once knew as a wonderful country that respected and revered God not being that anymore.

  8. I’m glad I found this video! About 4 months ago I had a dream, it stuck with me, I still remember it vividly. I have always had vivid dreams my whole life, nothing religious ever though. I was over at my parents house, we were sitting in the living room. All sudden, this insanely loud sound, like a shutting of a big breaker is the only way I can explain it happens and we loose power in everything. Even cell phones. I remember having this really terrible feeling, I tell my parents we better keep a eye outside people are going to go insane. I see people wondering around in panic. Then I notice way down the block military trucks. They are rounding all the people up putting them in the back of the trucks, while other soldiers were busting into homes and grabbing people. These weren’t just Canadian soldiers. They were Chinese and Russian. Anybody that resisted was shot on site. I remember me thinking we need to get out of here fast! I live behind condos that have grass maze like things between all of them. In my dream we all run out the back in the mazes, which lead to starth cona. Which is a huge park in my city almost like a forest. We hide in this old pipe that leads to a big well down in the bushes. That I know is there. I hear somebody talking, but it’s almost a whispering from above that says get ready. That’s it. I felt this feeling I needed to prepare, mentally, physically and spiritually. Then I woke up. I will never forget it. It was the most emotional dream s I’ve ever had.

  9. These traitors in our government is going to allow this attack to happen while they go underground in their underground cities and bases. The plan is to destroy the surface or depopulate and they will use Russia and China to do it. When the ashes stop falling , these elites will come out from underground and prosecute this war with Russia and China with their technological weapon they have been developing for years while the American 🇺🇸 Public was sleep 😴. These weapons don’t need to be controlled by humans. That’s why they don’t need military personnel anymore. Our usefulness has run its course as humans they believe

  10. The rapture will happen at the end. But yep this will all come to pass 💙🙏🏻 stay prayed up and cling to Jesus , The Lord’s grace is sufficient !! The Holy Spirit will give us the power and authority that is needed in every situation and circumstance ; and His peace!

  11. Let’s hope the Russians are dumb enough to even making it that far. I also had a bit of a similar dream myself btw. The dream I had was me working in my neighborhood Kroger, outside pushing carts back inside. And then, I noticed a few planes flying extremely high up in h the sky. I then noticed tiny white dots from the plane, at first I thought it was some engine problems, but upon closer look, they were actually people in parachutes. I stared at them for a moment until they got really close. Then I ran into the Kroger and tried to warn my fellow employees and other customers that there were people being dropped in. At first my fellow employees and supervisor was annoyed, and for a split second, there was a slight burst of gunfire and people running outside. And then, all hell broke loose when they stormed in the Kroger and told everyone to get down in Russian. They would then ransack the food, took the money, and then told everyone of us to go outside. There were people lined up in the parking lot, and one by one, those people were shot. And that was the last thing I remembered.

  12. See if you were really following the Bible you can find out that the northern Army would be Russia attacking Babylon the great the USA and this ain't new information this is been around for 50 years but some people in the church you're so blind they don't understand that God is going to use Russia to Nuke America

  13. More than 8 0 0 d*ea ms in my publ*c play li st abt this event!!! DOZENS of other Amer i c*n shve seen those huge numbers of enemy paratroopers. Iam a 34 year old male Spanish/Kiwi christian currently living in Ecuador. God has showed me the in v*sio n of NZ by Rus s * a and C* i * a also. Holy spirit told me in recurring dreams that W W 3 begins between 2027 and 2032!!

  14. Added this to my public playlist of over 800 dreams of this kind from more than 700 people globally, including myself (Spanish/Kiwi). Take a look! They will invade NZ too, I have videos of dreams god gave me about this. I have been given dates from the holy spirit:"WW3 begins between 2027 and 2032"

  15. American is babylon American saport Islam terrorism we christian in africa not saport in africa the American government saport gay lesbian bisexuality transgenre woman American is noting about Jesus chris American destroyed bay Islam and bay Russia chaina korean Iran

  16. This detailed dream was of God, I truly believe. I've heard similar dreams by people lately, and God is using His children more than ever with dreams and visions for America. Americans, please wake up. We all need to pray for our country and for our leaders. This is what God says to do, regardless of who is in office. We have to realize that a sadistic man like Puten, a tyrant who has destroyed millions of lives in his quest to rule that country, and perhaps the world one day, and who reminds many of Hitler's tyranny, is very, very serious. It's time to pray. As Christians, we can have God's peace within; but at the same time, as His children, He is calling us to pray like never before.

  17. Thank you heartfully for sharing this very real dream which seems like a foreview of what is about to happen. It's all been built up for this, and over here in Europe madness is prepared as well. An old prophecy about Europe said that there will be so few people left that you will be able to walk for 3 days without meeting any one. This PEACE THAT SURPASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING is very much around – when moving about in this little village it seems like a summer holiday atmosphere – very peaceful and quiet. The stars at midnight were astounding and it was totally still… and the notion was like… SOON! May ABBA YAHuah barak (bless), guard and strengthen you and yours until departure, in Yahusha's Set Apart Name. Love and shalom.


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