Here is the link that shows when I had 2 of these prophetic dreams.

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  1. America is being shutdown. The sanctions America put against other countries are really sanctions America in order to cut America of from the rest of the world. America is being destroyed from within your own government

  2. America is going to fall, it has become more & more devilish, there are satanic churches & the obvious government that has always served Satan & paraded as workers of righteousness, the police officer is an obvious satanic spirit, they lay in wait for people they can devour, but how often do they get punished for their lies, thievery & murderers, there is a demon possessed president in the Whitehouse just like there always has been, but Satan is short on time so there is no time to hide the corruption, this country was founded on lies, thievery & murder it will no matter what be judged guilty, but people still plan on casting votes for Satan come election time instead of voting for Jesus Christ so destruction deserved.

  3. The thugs are the political elite and wealthy elite that is causing the suffering within this world as they control the economy and they start and choose when to end the wars. They are fighting for their god who is the devil. We have to stop allowing them to control our societies.

  4. You're not wrong, you are right on 100 % , we are living in the last days for sure . I even believe we are beginning of the tribulation period which we are getting ready to go through ! Prepare all , spiritually 1 st .
    Know Jesus , Know your future !

  5. God bless you brother. I agree we do need to be getting right with God and preparing…My sister and I have had 8 dreams combined about The Middle East attacking America and real Christians here being persecuted for not denying Jesus Christ as the Son of God. I've had 6, she's had 2. My first dream correlates with your first dream. In that dream, a big grizzly bear was being chased by 4 Middle Eastern people riding in a white Jeep. The bear was tired and I could tell that it had been through a very rough time. Eventually I ended up giving the bear some water. The bear in my first dream, I believe, represented Russia. The whole atmosphere in that dream was that America had been taken over by the Middle East, it was war, and there was nothing America could do. The other countries mentioned in me and my sisters other dreams are Iran and Saudi Arabia. My fourth dream was a beheading and are the scriptures Revelation 13:16 and Revelation 20:4. They're on my YouTube page. When you have a chance, check them out if you want.

  6. I say this with THE LORD GOD as MY WITNESS and I stand with the responsibility of anyone reading this comment to TEST MY SPIRIT as you have been commanded by THE LORD GOD – 1John 4:1. May all those who speak for THE LORD GOD say that what they say is what THE LORD GOD has revealed to them whether it is interpretation or speaking directly. This is especially important in the light of Matthew 24:24, Mark 13:22. Let us be BOLD to stand for this TRUTH.

    Any word that comes out of any organization or anyone who is under the roman catholic sun god worship spirit influence has to be tested carefully. Yes. The LORD GOD SPEAKS and can use anyone to bring HIS TRUTH like king Cyrus in the Bible who was not a believer.

    When THE LORD JESUS CHRIST destroyed satan and his works close to 2000 years ago He DESTROYED kill steal and destroy completely- ONLY satan is wired to kill steal and destroy. Read John 10:10. To those WHO ARE BORN AGAIN OF THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD GOD with the EVIDENCE OF SPEAKING IN OTHER TONGUES – Acts 2:36-39 it is ONLY BLESSING.

    The Bible, especially certain books like Matthew have been changed but THE LORD JESUS WILL SHOW YOU where and how and HIS TRUTH AS YOU MAKE HIM YOUR ONLY TEACHER as He has Commanded – Matthew 23:8-10. He is GOD – 1Timothy 3:5. I have lived this life for close to 25 years and THE LORD HIMSELF called me as a prophet to the nations and CONFIRMED that call by people who had no idea about what I had heard. This was in line with fundamental SPIRITUAL TRUTH. He will confirm His WORD – 2Corinthians 13:1, Deut 17, 19 etc.

    If you are NOT filled with the HOLY SPIRIT with the evidence of speaking in other Tongues, you are like Adam BEFORE HE SINNED – a CREATED BEING but NOT a Son of The LORD GOD with POWER over the enemy. That is why you are seeing many so called NOT HOLY SPIRIT filled believers being murdered destroyed etc. Read Luke 24:49, Acts 1:8, Acts 2. We are COMMANDED TO AVOID THOSE WHO DELIBERATELY DENY TONGUES/THE POWER – 2Timothy 3:5

    The satanic spirit of deception acting through the roman catholic system knew that if it can GET PEOPLE who were BORN AGAIN OF THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD GOD TO BELIEVE THE LIE that they had to suffer etc. they would create their own reality and WOULD ALLOW DEFEATED SATAN TO OPERATE IN THEIR LIVES. As a person thinks so is his reality is a spiritual principle – Proverbs 23:7.

    HONOR THE BLOOD OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and walk in HIS BLESSING and OBEY His Heart as He leads us by HIs Peace within us – Colossians 3:15, Ephesians 2:14, Isaiah 55:12.


  7. We just really need to be prepared as Joseph in scripture . We need to have enough food for ourselves and for our relatives or whoever is in our circle who don’t believe and think we’re crazy for preparing. Those that laughed at us will be the ones that will need our help and hopefully we can lead them to The Lord in the midst of lack . Remember as believers we are given promises that we have to be firm in Psalm 37 19-40 we will not be disgraced in hard times . Even in famine we will have more than enough .

  8. I had a dream 25-30 years ago that middle eastern soldiers were parachuting down on Huntington Beach California. Thousands of them! When they came up off the beach, they just opened fired on everyone. It was a very scary dream that I remember vividly to this day.

  9. Lmfao…. sounds like to me and don't take any disrespect it's just my opinion. That you're not a person that probably likes people coming across our borders. I get that people are stressed out and frustrated with the way our border situations have been handled over the last 8 /12 years!!! Although the one thing that always comes up to my mind. Is that a lot of very religious people do not want to help people from other countries. It confuses me a little bit because if you would have asked God. What would be the right thing to do, God would say let the people in the country! Feed them and give them water and some type of shelter…. The Statue of Liberty says give us your poor your sick and your huddled masses, I believe it that's what it says it's something along those lines. So if we were just people wanna stand up like they are for your poor your sick your huddled masses! God tells people to love your neighbor, do unto others as you would want them to do unto you! So somehow we have to find a way around the red and blue issue. We also have to find out somehow we kind of get religion a little bit out of the way. Then the very same time we also have to look past our ethnicities! The phrase the human race was intended to specifically divide us! Think how different your life would be if you only heard that you are part of a humankind your whole life… when you say the human race by adding race on the end of it. Obviously to make us think we have to hustle against each other we don't!!!! In order to get to all these horrible things that these evil 13 families are doing to us! Is by coming together and if everybody's just going to judge everybody else. Thinking you pray to a different god then everybody else they're going to win and get exactly what they want!!!! It's up to us for us to unite as the humankind! Now all we have to do is figure out how do we do this! Everybody has to turn their TVs off because the TV is programming everybody! They even tell you tell a Vision programming, people even say I'm going to watch my program!!! Everything we know about anything that we think we know is a lie! They tell us that we're just teeny tiny puny humans. We are so so much more bigger than that! This is what they're hiding from us, they don't want us to find out who we truly are. Think about it and think with your heart, the heart is smarter than brain! That's why the old saying was always follow your heart!!!

  10. . I also dreamt of Russian troops . I saw them from afar and I felt no fear at all they were exhausted and they were here not to hurt us, but they were here to occupy this country. People gave them food and water. Some American Russian's were able to speak to them and they were interested learning about Americans. They were surprised at the condition of the people here, like obesity, sick, weak all the medications etc… However, if a person was arrogant , rude, loud demanding and argumentative they had zero tolerance for that sort of person U.S. was occupied by them for I think a little over three years. We lived far away on a farm and we had neighbors that we traded things for we had no issues at all. The Russian military. were looking forward to returning to their homeland .

  11. I've recently read that some smaller truckers are about to stay parked and even go out of business.
    I live near Brownsville Texas. Wednesday I was driving from Brownsville to South Padre Island. As I went by the port of Brownsville I passed the shrimp basin, there were about a hundred or more shrimp boats docked. I had recently heard they are not going out because diesel for their boats cost so much it's not worth shrimping. Evidently this is what's going on with truckers also.

  12. Regarding the busses and trucks: yesterday I began seeing posts by people with friends with tru–cking com-panies on USA ea-st coast. Expect 2 weeks of di-'esel, then failure, until next sh ips arrive. Too much die-sel s–ent to war areas. This is moving faster than dreamers forcast?

  13. It looks like Roe versus Wade is being overturned! Didn’t you say you dreamt of this? I watched two of your videos yesterday can’t remember which one you said it in or of it was someone else.

  14. Last year in 2021 I had a dream where I heard a male voice screaming at me saying "RUSSIA WILL INVADE THE UNITED STATES'OF AMERICA". Then I had another dream that Putin was sitting on my couch in my living room.

  15. My dream affirms your dream I posted it here on YouTube. Titled invasion dream.The Chinese get air dropped in by way of of help and aid of NKorea then the tired Russian troops find favor with Christian camps avoiding the Mark as well. It is sad but so intense. I have yet to post the continue d dream I had. Only the 1st one I had is up. I haven't been able to get the " go ahead to post the last . But I would love to connect and actually share your dream, mine, and Fred Masters from. All 3 give a broad and exact picture of what is about to happen. Immenseness is upon us all


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