Prophetic Dreams About Donald Trump
Many Christians who yearn for the return of the United States to its Christian foundations support Donald Trump as a president because they see that Trump acknowledges God and supports and agrees with certain Christian values and principles. However, disheartenment and disappointment swept across believers’ hearts when election results surfaced. I was also very surprised. Yet, some prophets hold to their conviction that God will supernaturally intervene in American politics to bring President Trump back into the White House. I have been following these prophets closely and I believe their words are from the Lord. One such prophet even mentioned that God is confirming these words by giving other believers across the world dreams and visions. I believe I am one of these people whom God is speaking to through dreams about Trump, and that is why I am still standing with the prophets who hold to this view.
It’s About God
In actuality, it’s not about Trump. It’s about God and the revival he wishes to bring to the earth. Nowadays, people are debating whether or not God has handed us over to the enemy because we haven’t prayed enough. Although this was sometimes the case for the Israelites in the Old Testament, I don’t think it applies to our situation today. Through my own prophetic dreams, I have discerned that our current situation in America is instead heavily tied to the spiritual state of America, and God’s plan for it and the world. I believe Trump is only the tip of an iceberg of change. If he were in office, we would have an administration that promotes the Gospel. An administration that does the opposite is comparable to a train going in the wrong direction. Either way, the problem does not lie in the politics of it all. It’s that one kind of leadership is aimed at stopping the global revival that God is planning to release on this earth, and the other is willing to go along with it. I believe this is why the enemy fought so much to stop Trump’s re-election.
It is not just about Trump.
There is a decisive battle at play between Christian freedom in America and the future of America and the world. God has shown me many visions of a great revival that will come to the United States, China, and the Middle East. In a strange dream, God took me to Trump’s office, and I felt God’s presence abiding there. I discerned that this was God’s sign of approval that Trump was His chosen one for this season. I am convinced that the re-election of President Trump will be a divine intervention to prepare the international political environment for a future revival.
Fishing Dream, January 5, 2021
The morning after election results were released, I had a dream. I dreamt about a person fishing. I saw a mysterious person holding a fishing rod, but I couldn’t see who he was. A fish had already been hooked, but the person holding the fishing rod was sliding the fish. A child in front of him held the line to help slide the fish. Fish-sliding is a common method in fishing. After a fish is hooked, the fish is not taken out of the water immediately. One first slides the fish so that the fish’s strength gradually diminishes. Only then does the fisher find a suitable opportunity to bring the fish up out of the water. If you bring the fish up immediately after it is hooked, the fish can easily unhook itself and swim away. The revelation I received from the Holy Spirit regarding this dream was, “Do not be anxious, the fish has already been hooked, but you should slide it for a while before you bring it up.”
I think this relates to the recent election between Biden and Trump. Many Christians prayed for Trump to be re-elected. When they discovered that Trump had failed to win, they began to wonder whether or not it was really God’s will to re-elect Trump. Some believers even started to criticize certain prophets for making false prophecies and many prophets apologized for making such “false prophecies.” However, other prophets and Christians did not revoke their prophecies. They look forward to the time when God miraculously intervenes and brings Trump back to the White House.
Recently, I was listening to a program on the Victory Channel called Flash Point. The host interviewed Pastor Bill Johnson and his wife Beni. Beni mentioned that when she prayed and sought God about the election, God told her to wait. Beni and Kat Kerr both believe this battle is not over. Kerr even said that God took her to the future where she saw that Trump had eventually won and God’s chosen people went out to the streets to cheer. She also said that God told her to eat cake and celebrate this victory.
When Trump was in the White House, many people were against him and betrayed him. Many things did not go smoothly for him. Although God raised up Trump to help Christians and America return to faith in God, Trump could not and cannot solve



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