Please watch the *WHOLE* video! After much prayer & fasting the Lord revealed this to me!

-Prophets having the same prophetic visions!



  1. He’s definitely the anti-Christ. People don’t have a clue how evil this man is! I’ve had multiple dreams about him and the dreams always leave me with a sense of dread. They had a clip about him being King O B A M A on Fox News and they’re currently building a temple for him. I pray the body of Christ wakes up and prepare spiritually. There will be many Matyrs. Checkout the Master’s Voice Prophecy Blog. She has a series on him being king. It’s not that far away either . Many Believers will lose their lives behind him. In my dream, the Believers were sent to f e m a c a m p s awaiting execution. The Lord had me doing a research on them and there are currently over 800 in the US. He told me to look up Louisiana, Montana and North Dakota. I did and found out that they are actually training facilities for the UN troops. May the Lord have mercy on us!

  2. Yes. A couple of years ago I heard he was the "son of perdition" in a dream and even as I woke up. It was before I even knew what that term "son of perdition" meant. I had always thought of the term antichrist before this. I wasn't a person reading scripture and looking to mask anyone nor did I care to think of BO. My number 1 concern of any in this life has been truth though. This experience happened the 1st time I went to sleep after finally accepting it was the Holy Spirit communicating with me about the "144,000" another thing I wasn't aware of at the time. Many dozen of dreams and vision followed with the most amazing confirmations not of this world. I understand the sealing now. Such an amazing experience. When we have these experiences it truly doesn't matter what these mockers and scoffers have to say. Let them have at it.

  3. Hi could you please give me more info on this because this has hit my mind and I want to know more about this. I'm not asking this in any manner (anger or anything as such) but because this gave me goosebumps and I would really appreciate it if you can tell me more. I'd rather be Covered under our Saviour's Wings than to be suffering. Thank you for putting this up. Praise God ❤️

  4. I had a dream in 15 August 2022
    First I saw the queen Elizabeth happily dancing with her legs naked.I was in shock knowing their protocol to cover even their hands with gloves.
    Then I saw a crow with two borrowed arrows crossed together and immediately understood it was the Antichrist crown, and it belonged to prince William.

  5. I love your teaching but this is one I have to disagree with.. The Antichrist will not come from America because America has a major role in endtime prophecy. As I read through the comments I see many people giving scriptures from the Bible and proving this theory wrong and many of you are replying with the bible is just a book or you have to have an interpretation from God. Which is true but your interpretation must be in order with his word. The Bible is very clear that the Antichrist will NOT come from America
    Look at Daniel 7
    There are 4 great beast a Lion with eagle wings, a bear, a 4headed Leopard and a 10 horned beast.
    1st Question. What do these Beast Represent? Verse 17 say the beast are four kings and verse 23 said the 4th beast shall be the 4th kingdom. So, A beast represent A kingdom or Nation along with the ruler of that Kingdom or Nation.
    2nd question, when will these beasts be on earth?
    If you look at vs 9 it said I beheld until the thrones were cast down and the Ancient of Days did sit. Whose garment was white as snow and hair of his head like pure wool, his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire. So
    Verse 9 is the second coming of Christ, no doubt about it. The Ancient of Days is the second coming of Christ.
    verse 10 is the rapture of the saints.
    After Christ returns, he cast down the throne of the Antichrist kingdom, which is the beast with 10 horns. He then sets up his 1000-year kingdom on earth.
    verse 11 the antichrist is destroyed and given to the burning flames.
    After Christ returns, he destroys the Antichrist kingdom and throws the Antichrist and the False prophet into the lake of fire. A New Testament version of this can be found in Revelation 19:20
    verse 12 He then allows the rest of the beast (the lion with eagle wings, the bear and the four headed leopard) to live into his millennial kingdom. They have they're dominion taken away, but their lives are prolonged for a season a time.
    That's proof that these beasts represent modern day nations because they are on earth at Christ second coming.

    So, if these Nations are on earth today, who are they?
    The first beast was a lion with eagle wings growing out of its back. What nation on earth today National animal symbol is the Lion? Great Britain.
    Now the lion had eagle wings growing out of its back. What nation on earth today national symbol is the eagle? Of course, America, just look on back of your dollar bill, and you will see the eagle.
    Where did America come from? Great Britain, it's our mother country.
    The verse continues with I beheld until the wings were plucked and made to stand like a man and a man's heart was given to it.
    The eagle wings being plucked from the Lion represents America breaking away from Great Britain in 1776 and becoming a nation.
    Look at the chapter number of Daniel and the verse, 7,4.
    When was the declaration of Independence signed? 7-4-1776
    The bear represents Russia, which is commonly known.
    The 4-headed Leopard represent Germany. The 4 heads represent how many times a kingdom has risen and fallen. 1st Reich 2nd Reich, Hitler's famous 3rd Reich. Now the 4th and richest Reich which is rising right now in Europe.
    Now go to Revelation 13 and the same beast from Daniel 7 have come together and formed a one world government: Satan's one world government. This kingdom will be formed 3 in a half years before the coming of Christ. All the Beast from Daniel 7 are there all except the eagle wings (America).
    Have we been wipe out? I don't think so.
    If you go back one Chapter to Revelation 12 verse 14, during this same time Israel will have to flee into the wilderness for 3 in a half year, from the Antichrist, during the great tribulation and she will be protected by the wings of a Great eagle (America).
    Who is Israel best friend today?
    The Antichrist will not come from America because during the endtimes America will stand with Israel.

  6. President Obama is not returning to the White House, President Trump is, which will make him two Kings, not Obama.

    If anyone cares to look up Little Horn in Strong's it says a cornet. That is a small Trump. 4+5th = 9, 4+7th = 11, (9-11).

    I really hope we have a 2028 election, although that would mark Israel's 80th year, whose days shall be 80 if by strength.

  7. This is correct! Without me giving too many details I will cut it short but I had a 3 part dream of BO in one night right after he won. He was praying with a gold symbol triangular shape in his hand/ was dead at one point and staff devised a plan on how to hide this info from the public but they were freaked out!/ then next part he came back to life and was giving a news conference yelling
    " lets kill all the christians"! I was then ushered out of the room very very fast by someone pushing me from behind I could not see but they were pushing me out to get me to safety as a Christian then I woke up. Mind you the reporters and all in the conference room were in agreement with him I believe most of the world too as I heard cheering as he repeated his agenda. I dont know if the Lord showed me this because I was really happy he won and I voted for him and this dream kept me from falling into the delusion. Before this dream I was team "OB" and I l'd dare anyone to say something bad about him. For 8 yrs he was in office I avoided watching him on tv and if I caught him speaking I would just look and remeber that dream. Back then if you said anything bad about him you would find yourself in a debate so I do not believe I told anyone right away until like his 2 nd year but its like it went through one ear and out the other. Now here years later others are coming forth with almost simular dreams but same outcome. I did not then nor do I today need interpretation on that dream it was clear and straight to the point and I know what I saw I do not care 2 cents who believe or not. I know what I saw and the interpretation thereof. Oh except for the triangle symbol…that one I dont know but clearly it wasnt the Lord he was praying too and the word muslim came to mind though I couldnt audibly hear or understand what the words coming out his mouth were nor do I care.

  8. I had a dream were Barack Hussein Obama was dressed like pharoah, with bodyguards behind him. He was walking towards me and in my spirit I knew he was the Antichrist. It was like a scene were the hollywood people are walking on the red carpet. With people standing next to the railway taking pictures. Also my son had a dream last week were Barack was walking on a beach were the sun was just about to arise wearing a light grey suit, white shirt, red tie with golden stripes and black shoes (he had grew a short trimmed grey beard) he was in the middle and beside him was 2 men (1 on each side) they were taller then the normal size people (almost like nephilim) both of them were dressed in a black cloak that covered their faces. He couldn't see their faces but they had rimpled hands with sharp rotten nails. Both of them had a thick book in their hands, almost like an ancient book that was tied together. All 3 of them walked into the ocean and the ocean opened up untill it met the rocks and there were a door opening underneath going down as if it was a hidden place under the ocean.

  9. Matthew 5
    17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

    18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

    19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

    I imagine you did a reserach at Adventistm and found that is a cult haha. Those people that say that they say the law was nailed at the cross of the Sabbath, that's a false teaching. I told you deception is the name of the game, now you follow whatever you receive and hear. Take a look at Jesus words. He is saying one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, and that whoever who breaks any of the 10 commandments will not enter heaven. Simple as that. The 4th commandment, the Sabbath is the largest of the 10, and the only one that says Remember. That's the one we need to get rid of right? God bless you!

  10. Corria – this is only my opinion so I’m not trying to be contentious.

    the AC isn’t 44, but 44 is a tool for the AC. Even 44 & 45 kissed his ring showing their allegiance. the AC is whoever sits on the throne in Rome.. the city on 7 hills..this is one of the legs in Daniel 2 dream. The second leg is rising through the power of the RUS. from this position in Rome they have changed God’s commandments, his Holy Feast days and claims to be God on earth.. telling people to call him the Holy Father!

    In 2013 pope Francis was given authority over Mt Zion by the Israeli gov’t. He is actively working to gain control over the Temple Mount but God will stop him. This man continually mocks the father and the son and yet people still follow him blindly. The non-catholic churches follow after this beast by participating in her rites and rituals.

    God bless you and your family.

  11. He's already back! He's been working in the SHADOWS and is tge earpiece teleprompter for the one that speaks for IT. When IT met in the W.H. they were treating IT like royalty and the puppet they have there talked to curtains and was left OUT of the PARTY! Don't worry folks Our Father is protecting US.
    May God our FATHER and Jesus Christ our Lord and SAVIOR guide bless and protect us as we fulfill our lifes MISSIONS I pray Amen


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