Published August 31, 2020

Prophetic dreams for telling COVID & current events and what’s to come.

I received these dreams starting over two years ago.. I’m just now releasing them publicly!

Liberty Turnipseed is the founder of Spirit Move Ministry a prophetic ministry who’s goal and heart is to continue to reveal what God is speaking and saying, because his Spirit is still moving and working!

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  1. I need to know more about saving the children , I’m a pre- k teacher and feel a check in my spirit about kids going back into the schools, we are now just teaching virtually but plans are to start phasing kids back into the schools ….
    Maybe within two weeks … this does not feel safe to me… then tonight I heard this video…

  2. Should we store up some food and water while it is still readily available?? Also can everyone please pray for my family who are all involved in jehovahs witnesses? Thank you. I study the Bible with them every week and I’ve warned them that I feel something is coming this fall but I don’t know how to prepare them or myself other than to have a survival kit on hand and maybe food and water. Thank you!

  3. Wow! Saw a video early January of the people in Wuhan on the streets and all of a sudden a fog/spray fell around the people amd some folks dropped dead right then and there. and then showed the chaos of people of people crowded in the hospital and staff overwhelmed, scared, dr was on the phone screaming with tears what can be done. Now just a few days ago I go to a small store and grabbed a 16oz bottle of poland spring water from the front fridge last minute. I get in the car and open tge water taking a sip when I smelled the odor of bleach. Im glad I did not drink it and still havent made it back to the store to complain. Could be nothing but I had to share that.

  4. Something not right…First 4 minutes a sales pitch.

    1. The Old "anoiting oil hustle"…we prayed over it. Lol
    2. Buy my t-shirt…old hustle also. Like a flea market.
    3. Noticed never gave interest rate on home she was buying..danced around subject saying it was higher than normal.

    4. Once virus hit the gig was up on most ministries and churches.

    5. I didnt get my house…so nobody else gets a house…just a temper tantrum…jealousy…envy of others getting a new home.

    6. That guy Dana Coverstone getting famous with dreams so others are now releasing dreams from 1999-2017. Lol

    Now giving advice dont buy a home yea whatever…go buy your home saints if Jesus leads you.

    She didnt say dont buy my oil or t-shirts.

    She didnt say stop watching my channel for 2 months.
    Where are those dreams at?

    I heard school closed….i heard 30 days get out of house Aug 2020. Let me think maybe Jesus saying enough is enough.

    Just come out and say i want my new house….with new furniture..3 car garage on 10 acres of land. But i need money.

    Your new trucks….new RV…new Motorcycles.
    It will be easier.

    Dont worry realtors….sorry about this lady trying to let ya suffer.

    Read Bible …
    Listen worship music
    Have Joy…Laugh often

    Hope this is confirmation for over 4 people. Just things i sensed.

  5. Liberty ,
    Last week I woke up at 3am and my living room lit up like a Christmas tree. Was. Very bright. Maybe it was a full moon or an extra security light that go through my blinds. Could justify that away. Well, this morning I was awoken at exactly 4 am with a sound of a horn that lasted over ten seconds. Was not a car horn. Never heard anything like that.

  6. I had a dream last week, I was at a clinic sitting in the waiting room and bill gates had a white coat on, he was holding a little infant, while he was holding the infant he was telling the mom everything wrong with her infant and he kept recommending to her certain treatments he wanted to try for her infant. As I was sitting there, from looking at the infant he looked perfect I didn't see anything wrong. The mom kept arguing with Bill Gates that she didn't see anything wrong with her baby. Finally bill gave up arguing with her and told her "fine your baby will grow up to be abnormal. I really feel that the next attack may have to do something with children? I'm not sure.

  7. I am not of your church, but have a profound belief and love of Jesus Christ. I love your prophetic dreams and follow your YouTube channel regularly. The Lord inspired me to listen to your channel today about waiting to buy a home. My wife and I were close to purchasing a home, but now, because of you dream warning, we are waiting for your dream to come to pass. God bless you Liberty, and God bless the work you are doing.

  8. Liberty : with all due respect and I have faith in Christ. But in these dreams you already knew the answers which is found this year 2020. I really want to believe you but this ones a hard one to swallow. You or someone might have helped you in creating it .by saying your dreams in past that would lead to 2020 future . I’m a subscriber and I don’t want to unsubscribe. God bless

  9. I also received the same information as the 1st dream, also my friend received the same message seperately. The Lord also laid it on my heart to pray for the babies and the children, and at some point there may be orphans! Also the economic collapse is coming, so your message is a confirmation, and I hope mine is confirming of yours as well for others. I believe the Lord warns his people!

  10. I just want Jesus to come take us out of this world. I don't care about the economy or buying/selling or the market. The world's economy is not God's economy. He has much greater for us. Not discounting your word. Just would prefer to be taken up with Him than to endure this world. Maranatha!

  11. As a Florida realtor I can agree with what you are saying. Many people have lost their jobs and are late on their mortgage payments. Soon the banks and lenders are going to have to foreclose on their loans and there will be a lot of homes on the market. Not sure how bad it will be in my county as we have had the lowest inventory in a very long time.

  12. Prophet Tracey Cook also said that God showed him a vision of COVID 19 being cooked up in a lab in China as a weapon to immobilize America. He said this awhile back (months ago) as well.

  13. Wow my Pastor's our in process of buying and a situation keeps happening that hasn't allowed them to finalize. To God the glory, they say whatever the Lord's will is that's what they're doing.

  14. I totally understand weird dreams I don't interpret them but I do have them I never shared them because people think that I'm weird but some dreams had come to pass and there are witnesses to them


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