Published Dec 1, 2020

2 PROPHETIC dreams! time to rise up and take authority Body of Christ!

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  1. Crazy, I had a dream about a week ago that I was putting my hand into a container full of snakes with wasp heads and wasp stripes. In the dream I wasn’t sure why I was about to put my hand into it, but I did even though I was fearful. I’m not sure if this means anything, but it does relate to your husbands dream!

  2. I missed this video until today, but it was so timely!… yesterday, I was driving and feeling the spirit move me so strongly 😊❤️… and then a truck with ‘scorpions’ and their image drove up next to me. For a moment, a lot of dark thoughts of doubt and insecurity came flooding into my mind (and like you said, people who represent those spiritual attacks in the physical realm), but I recovered quickly. The attack was annoying this time but much less powerful. Praise Jesus. I also felt the calling yesterday to find a platform to speak and share what I have seen this last year, though difficult, to be brave and not fearful to help awaken people, and I have been writing it all out. Thank you so much for your STRENGTH AND BRAVERY during this time
    Liberty, you never speak too long, you are such a Light for us! 🙏🏼

  3. Gods Kingdom Army is on the move… Legions of new Angel Armies have been Activated for such a time as this… Harvest Time….

    Thank you for sharing…

    You are one of Gods Soldiers…

    Don't ever apologize for what God has given you to say.

    We need you to help us wake up and encourage those that don't realize "yet" that they are part of Gods last day Army.

    Here is part of your mission if you choose to except,  "Spread the word Soldier" help us in our mission to wake up those soldiers who are waiting to be activated.

    Joel chapter 2 describes the Lords last day Army who will be activated to help bring in the final harvest.

    Gods Army is on the move…

    Thank you again for being brave enough to share your heart.

    You are one of Gods Soldiers…

    God is raising up a mighty army, Joel chapter 2 describes this mighty Army of the Lord.

    Jesus is the Commander of his great Army.

    God is getting ready to pour out his former and latter rain of Glory onto his Army to bring in the final harvest of souls.

    Spread the word to help wake up this mighty Army.

    Each one of them have been in training for "such a time as this" since the day they were born, just as you have.

    We are spiritual beings, living in human bodies, fighting spiritual battles, while living human lives.

    Think about that real hard.

    There is a difference in knowing the path and walking in the path.

    Thank you Soldier, we are here if you need prayer or encouragement, google me.

    Carry on Soldier, keep yourself ready, for Gods Glory is coming.

    Millions of souls are about to be ready to be saved.

    Soldier up and stay on alert.

    TM… over and out…Huuraaa

    I salute you Soldier of the Cross….
    Signs in the sun, moon and stars of things coming upon the earth. Jesus prayed a prayer that we would all become one as him and the father are one. It's in the process of happening right now. We are like in the upper room waiting on what I call Pentecost part 2. Joel chapter 2 describes the Army of God having the power of God on them so strong that Joel had a hard time describing it. But then Joel told us by the spirit what it would take for us to be ready to receive this former and latter rain of Gods Glory poured out on us. He said fasting and praying. Then Joel through the spirit tells us we do it and God pours out his final Glory onto his people. Why? To bring in the final harvest of souls, this is harvest time that we are in Soldier. That's why the devil has fought us so hard in the past few years and really hard right now, look at our nation and other nations right now. This week was the biggest harvest moon I'd ever seen, the ring around it look like a ring around Saturn. And now on December 21st 2020 two planets are lining up like they did when Jesus was born. God is showing us signs all around us and in the heavens.

      Take a listen to this… …..

  4. Thanks sister scorpion is enemy. It harms with poison. It is symbol of a person. He is Paul. Intake is learning and following the teaching of scorpion. Paul claimed diety of Jesus and crucification as salvation. Jesus didn't claim to be God and be crucified and killed . Olive oil originated in sina . It is symbol of the commandments of God that Moses received. The current Christians follow Paul's teaching which is believed it is part of the commandments and revelation from God but it is not. Paul described himself in 2 Corinthian (crafty fellow that I am and I caught you by trickery ). God bless you

  5. Well… it's that the annointing being poured out over the world is what the world's demonic infestation is going to be cooked in and killed in, and God is going to have the demons pay back what they owe humanity for being too much. DON'T get any ideas about extracting something from a demon as payment other than to pray to God that GOD make the demons pay back what they owe and clean it up.

  6. I had a dream a demon grabbed me and it turned into like an octopus every time I pushed 1 arm off another grabbed me and I couldn't get it off so I walked everywhere trying to find somebody to help but at the same time I was trying to protect others from it but I finally met up with my mom and she gave it some bread all the while she was smiling like she just knew what to do and it shriveled up and disappeared.

  7. Liberty, it would be great to have some teaching on witchcraft sometime. It seems like even most of the spirit filling church knows about witchcraft, but still don't understand how to fight against it. If you recommend any good books or teachings on the subject, that would be great. Thanks!

  8. Hmmmm….what do you think about this? This is from Kevin L A Ewing
    Dreams That Require Prayer And Fasting Upon Waking


    Jesus Christ made a very profound statement in regards to his disciples in Matthew 17:21. The

    statement was concerning a young man that was possessed by evil spirits. His disciples asked him how come they weren't able to dispel the evil spirits out of the young man, but he was able to? Jesus said, "This kind will only come out through prayer and fasting.

    Many of you read this article right now that can not understand how it is that after the many prayers and coming in agreement with others in prayer about an individual matter, none of what you've prayed for has come to pass. Well, just like in the case of Jesus, his disciples, and the young man that was possessed by powerful demons. Certain prayers will be of no effect based on the contents of the dream. If you've had any of the following dreams then it is a must that you take action through prayer and fasting:

    1. Were you eating or drinking in your dream?

    2. Did you have sex in your dream?

    3. Were you swimming in your dream?

    4. Were you being chased or bitten by cats or dogs in your dream

    5. Were you shot, stabbed, or someone throwing objects at you in your dream?

    6. Were you in an accident, and you died in your dream?

    7. Was something stolen or went missing from you in your dream?

    8. Did you notice rough seas, tsunami, or floods?

    9. Do you recall dreaming of crawling creatures, especially crabs, snakes, in particular, if these creatures are black in color in the dream?

    Dreaming of someone feeding you or to observe yourself eating in a dream is never a good dream at all. In fact, it symbolizes someone attempting to program your life spiritually for failure, defeat, and setbacks via witchcraft. What appears to be food in your dream is, in fact, demonic spiritual concoctions, that once eaten, will carry out its purpose through your spirit with negative physical manifestations in your physical body. As a reminder, the real you is your spirit; therefore, whatever you're eating is spiritually design to program your human spirit.

    Today I want us to unearth biblical insight as it relates to being fed or eating in a dream and how such dreams are pointing out to us that someone is working evil against us but at the same time pretending to be friendly with us. As a reminder, the dream's purpose is to expose to you spiritually what you can not see, recognize, or even suspect physically. Again, eating in a dream is usually a red flag indicating witchcraft. Let's review scripture for a deeper insight into this mystery.

    "When thou sits to eat with a ruler, consider diligently what is before thee:

    2 And put a knife to thy throat if thou be a man given to appetite.

    3 Be not desirous of his dainties: for they are "DECEITFUL" meat.

    6 Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, neither desire thou his dainty meats:

    7 For as he thinks in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.

    8 The morsel which thou has eaten shalt thou vomit up, and lose thy sweet words. Proverbs 23:1-3,6-7.

    " Incline not my heart to any evil thing, to practice wicked works with men that work iniquity: and let me not eat of their dainties" Psalm 141:4.

    If you've had dreams where you may have observed your co-worker feeding you, it does not necessarily mean it's that particular co-worker but most certainly someone in your workplace. If you had a dream that you're at a banquet or a family gathering involving food, the dream could be indicating that you are being initiated into witchcraft or ancestral spirits (familiar spirits) attempting to conform your spirit to generational curses.

    As a side note, someone with a controlling spirit has the spirit of witchcraft. There are two types of witchcraft: physical witchcraft, which is someone always trying to control the behavior and actions of some group or person through, intimidation, domination, and manipulation. Spiritual witchcraft is controlling through spiritual means via Black magic, Roots, Voodoo, Obeah, etc., meaning, particularly, evil spirits are sent to an individual via curses, incantation, etc., to ultimately oppress the victim. In essence, witchcraft is a system that is programmed by a witch or wizard to set spiritual limitations or restrictions on their victims, all in an effort that their victims would not progress in certain areas of their lives if not every area of their lives.


    I am happy that you asked. Again let's look at scripture for our solution to such dreams. "A man or woman that have a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them" Leviticus 20:27. Now, because we're warned that our fight is not against flesh and blood, we must then focus our attack via prayer and fasting against the spirit of witchcraft or any other opposing spirit, using the scripture as weapons in our prayers during fasting. The following is an example:

    Heavenly Father, I renounce and come against any agreement or covenant of the powers of darkness that was knowingly or unknowingly achieved in my dream. I put to death all spirits of witchcraft, familiar spirits, and every other spirit that opposes your will for my life. Your word declares that these spirits must be put to death. Therefore I stone these spirits with spiritual stones until they cease to exist in my life. Lord, I ask you to sever all spiritual restrictions and limitations brought about by witchcraft and that you would destroy all demonic altars that are controlling my life spiritually in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

    My friends make no mistake; you are in a war. The disadvantage to you is, this war is invisible. However, God has given you a handy combat weapon, in the form of our dreams to monitor and defeat via prayer and the canceling of such negative dreams.

    Again, I pray God continues to impart spiritual insight, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and revelation to make you aware of the devices of the enemy.


    Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

  9. This morning Before I listened to your video I was about to walk into the bathroom and in my mind I pictured a scorpion on the floor. So I turn on the light, because I was afraid I was going to step on it. I had no idea that I was going to listen to you this morning and that you were going to share these dreams about the scorpions. So, this just confirms to me that I have been walking in fear and not taking authority. Thank you for being obedient to the Spirit of God. When you speak you speak with authority. It’s encourages me To rise up in my own authority that Jesus Christ has given me. Have a great day!

  10. I know you were talking about not getting baptized twice but first time was through catholic church and the second was when i was an adult and i thoughy i knew what i was doing. I felt pushed to it when i wanst ready. I kind of want to do ot for myself but i dont know if i shouldnt since ive been baptized already.

  11. Luke 10:19
    19 Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
    Thank you Jesus , Thank you my daddy God to you be all the Glory Power and Might forever and ever

  12. I had a dream about a month ago and I saw a "being" that had bright light behind it and and all I could see was its silhouette. It was standing above me, but I didnt see its feet, it faded away below the knees. Its head was large and round, no facial features, long arms to the side and long spindly fingers. I could see a glimpse of silvery translucent skin because of the bright light reflecting behind it. It was probably 12 feet tall and I was sitting crossed legged on the floor in my bedroom in this dream, and I was looking up at it, and it was looking down at me smiling, but I couldn't see the smile, but I could feel it. I felt a paternal connection, and I could tell it thought of me as its child. I could see him in the first person and the third person at the same time. We communicated telepathically and I asked it if it knew we loved him. It didn't respond but I could feel warmth and its gentle energy. Then I told it, it scared us, but if it would just show itself to us, we wouldnt be scared anymore and we could all have a relationship with it. It was a peaceful feeling and then I woke up. I remember trying to go back into the dream, but I couldnt. I thought it was an alien that visited me because of the large head, long arms and spindly fingers (aliens always have brought me comfort for some reason). I called my friend and told him about my weird dream, and then forgot about it.

    Fast forward a few months to shortly after the election, 11/13/20. On Friday the 13th of all nights, I was having a bad panick attack (been having them since the election), I was shaking uncontrollably and crying and I cried out to God and told him to come into my heart. I asked him to help me, protect me and use me in any way he needs to and then I fell asleep. Then Saturday, I suddenly remembered my dream about the alien, but I realized it was God in my dream. He came to me in a form that wouldn't threaten me, because all this time I've rejected Him because religion doesnt sit well with me. I felt so much peace after I put those pieces together that it was actually God. I used to have dreams before events, but it hasnt happened in years. Since then I havent been having as many panic attacks. I told my friend about my panic attacks, and he said it's the devil trying to work on me. Since then, whenever I can feel the shaking start, I've yelled at the devil and told him he has no power over me because I'm a child of the Lord. Since then, I've begun reading the Bible, I feel peace, and I see the world differently…. like my frequency has been tuned up. It's a crazy feeling and I cant describe it. All I know is God is with me, and my faith in Him will lead me and all of us to the truth. I was Baptized last Sunday and I just want to tell the world I've been awakened and I'm so excited to see what the future holds to us all!

  13. I’m glad you mentioned atmosphere changes. I detect those real easy.
    I have been praying using the keys
    Of the kingdom authority. This is the
    First day in a few weeks I’ve gotten
    My joy back and no anxiety over
    What’s going on. I’ve been in the word at nite and praising the Lord and wow
    He’s moving. I’ve moved out of the
    Anxious stage. I’m out of the dark
    Stage or whatever it was. Whew.
    I’ve had visions too since the election.
    Something has broke in the spirit.
    So hang on we’re moving forward.

  14. Trying to speak of "witchcraft", even to me recently, was a stumbling block and offensive to "who I am" in Christ!!!! Invincible, I was, until recently, #BLM appears!!!!
    Living in "George Floyd" country (this is the mark, origin), my prayers were answered!!!! But I personally encountered a witch, sitting on the ground, drawing circles and such!!!!
    I also met "Deborah", but not fully grown!!!! The witch attacked her with "you killed him, say his name"!!!! I, rock dumb to witchcraft, but alive in Holy Ghost listened once!!!! Then rebuke came from the witchcraft to "Deborah"!!!! THEN I SAW WHAT IT WAS AND I spoke words to witchcraft that is still heard NOW!!!! And I have "paid the price"!!!!
    History: Anoka County is known as the largest Witch community in the U.S.A. (soon the A. will count again with the U.S.!!!! I'm just saying….!!!!

  15. I would appreciate prayer for healing in my legs..docts say i hv venoue insufficiency..legs swell alot n my heart races…n i need to drop 80 pds… sorry i ever let my self go

  16. You know… being a prophet and wise man sent by God ( ) God was asking me to risk being thrown out of my house for being a prophet and wise man (because of the land lord) and to not be ready for it and… I thought to myself hillary clinton gave up everything to get in infinite debt to God and I'd be happier with God wondering the streets for a while than she is at this moment and I have heaven to look for and she has infinite payback to look for and what am I complaining about if God wants to test me and give me everything in the next life and other people gave everything to satan, and get hell in this life and in the next life.

  17. I watch all of your words and they all just bless my soul and life. Thank you for your obedience to God and his people. And your prayers at the end not everyone does that but it seals God's word and helps those who can or cannot go to church with everything going on so thank you and God bless you and your family in Jesus' name Amen!!


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