Prophetic dreams , I had an end times dream | the last calling | jesus is coming soon

I had an end times dream… JESUS IS COMING SOON!

1 Thessalonians 5:2
“For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night.”

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  1. I believe you are right that the Mark will change your DNA making you no longer fully human placing you outside of God's redemption. The Transgender movement is only a transitional step towards this end. There will be no shock value concerning taking the mark , having your brain hooked to the WWW/ or VA VA VA in Hebrew who's numerical value is 666 . Like the latest Iphone people will line up down the block to take the mark.

  2. Genesis 6 stopped being taught as the fallen angels mating with human women and creating giants (nephilim) by seminaries a couple of hundred years ago. Satan came up with a Sethite theory as his “spin” on what happened stating that the sons of Cain mated with daughters of Seth and created the nephilim. When has human and human mating ever created 12 foot or larger giants? B’nei Elohim in the Bible always refers to angels, not humans. This is satan’s seed. The whole world was tainted with demon nephilim dna and were no longer human. Only Noah and his family were found perfect in their generations (untainted dna). That is why there was so much violence. They were half demon and therefore unredeemable. That is why God had to kill everything, so He could bring His Son, Jesus, through a perfect human bloodline as pure human (and God and sinless) to die to redeem humans. If the mark changes your dna, with fallen angel dna, you become a demon and are unredeemable. James is correct in what he is telling you. Listen please. Please wake up and take the red pill and open your eyes to the spiritual battle.

  3. In April or May I had a dream in it I was told consciousness is the mark of the beast…which I haven't received any other revelation on but what you said makes so much sense the enemy of our faith always imitates God and God created man I deff believe you're on to something. Let's just pray as many as possiblewill be won over for Christ.

  4. You can't take the Bible for what it is. You have to read it for the spiritual reason. Satan went in to everyone and that is where can comes from then she showed the tree of life to Adam and she had Cain and able in her stomachs in different placenta sack's. That actually happens. The apple is the biggest like next to the globe earth.

  5. I was scrolling my youtube feed semi-mindlessly while idly listening to you in the background and after a couple of minutes scrolling there was a video that appeared with the word "TRANSHUMANISM" in the title. It appeared literally at the exact same moment as you said the word "transhumanistic" at 9:05. It made me stop scrolling and start listening to everything that you were saying with my full attention.

    I'm taking this as divine confirmation that you are correct brother. There's no way that that could've happened by chance. Maranatha

  6. The antichrist spirit is very active nowadays. I have met too many Christians who praise God with their lips but reject Him in their hearts. God knows exactly who are His and who are hypocrites. For the fake Christians, just like for the world, because they don't love Truth and reject the authority of Jesus over their lives, a spirit of deception is being unleash. I have seen it in action and I am still trembling.

    The only way we can stay grounded and not fall prey to demonic influenced is to surrender to Christ, not in theory, but in truth. A prayer without faith won't help. We need to give Jesus full control and to truly desire His kingdom in us. We need God's seal of redemption and to let affliction shape His image in us. Otherwise we will love the beast and the image because externally it will look great.

  7. Keep your eyes on elon musk and Grimes. They are the fallen, the 5g satellites is there for a reason, the fallen got cast down rev 12.7 this was when everyone thought it was meteorites. The lord is not happy with everyone using his name against false Gods, Christmas. Ezekiel tells you he wants repentance before his coming back, I know this becuase the lord come to me at the start of the virus. The next seal to be broken is the 3rd, famine and economy crash. If no one repents they will be handed over to the beasts of the earth. The beast of the sea is the government and system, the beast of the earth Donald trump and Jared Kushner.

  8. Funny, I have had the same thought regarding the change of human DNA that Lucifer could use to manipulate YHWH’s creation… The only way Lucifer can get back at YHWH is by destroying mankind, who are created in Gods image. DNA technology has advanced over the years and it is something for us to keep in mind as we work our way towards the 70th week!

  9. Bro if u wane do vid regarding daniel 11:40-45 u can subscribe to south front tv gives daily info on all war movements in lybia and syria. U must see this stuff! Turkey is not moving artillery in idlib for the rebels and building up an army? For what exactly? U must see their influence in lybia crazy exactly like daniel 11:40-45?

  10. God bless you bro! I believe big foot are nephillim. There orbs by them, they are where there are spiritual significance. They are human like, these things influence people senses. These things are of darkness. What other explanation are there for big foot.

  11. I just wanna share one of my many theories, and it's that a couple of years ago people thought that Barack was the anti-christ, but i tend to re-think this one, and i had the idea that is was actually Michel. He's gonna come as a savior in the next few months to 'save' americans, she/he is a androgyne, and lots of people around the earth will fall for that trap.
    And they are pushing the new kinda device that will be implanted to keep your 'health' in check, or they will messed up you DNA with the next vaccine..
    There is just too much things going on. I just don't know where to put my thoughts anymore, so i just listen to classical music when i'm at home and ask God for protection and his armor.


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