Prophetic dreams, Warning dreams, Great Depression, Economic Crash, 1929, Trucking Industry. Dreams similar to Timothy Dixon, Tracy Cooke, Kim Clement, Dana Coverstone, Sid Roth, It’s Supernatural, ISN Network.



  1. I believe this was very prophetic dream in reference to stock market/economy crashing. What we have now is not God’s economy or market. Truly believe He’s dismantling it, a violent crash, to build what HE desires us to operate in

  2. Vehicles are ministries….yours is a truck!
    Minitries run off the road, sliding backwards, advice/direction from the 'peole', from the community (social/you tube)…a woman offering help for a price(the harlot/the world)…taking you to a place where 'ministies' are dismantled…darkness and corruption… The world is about to fall apart…the loader may be the next ministry you're in….from transport to loading(equipping) until the Lord comes.
    Take a look at this friend you were talking with at the beginning…as his truck continues forward…watch what he's doing and what is going on with his ministry and direction


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