In this video, I discuss dreams, which may, or may not be, prophetic regarding events that may be unfolding in our lives, our countries and the world.



  1. So after watching this, I went about my day. Very randomly it came to my mind, I believe by the Holy Spirit, that your dream is about a year. In the Bible, a week is a year. Like the 7 weeks in Daniel. So, if it's the last half week of freedom, I would interpret that to mean the rest of 2022 is the last year of freedom before the judgement begins. I personally hear in my spirit that it will begin next month, September. But either way, judgement is definitely coming on America.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I think the white eagle represents surrender for the USA.

    Sounds like major chaos is coming. Also, kids identifying as trans or non-binary isn’t indicative of moving towards changing body parts or being on hormones. It’s not black & white. There’s a lot of nuance with gender expression.

  3. That was very interesting. Back in December 2019 God gave me a dream. In the dream I was flying over the land (I live in a state that borders the Gulf of Mexico) all the way up to Canada. I saw artifacts and relics from the past on the ground. I said something about it must be before the flood and a voice very sternly said: “1800 years ago”. Then I was in the eastern part of Canada and a black bridge spanned from Europe to the shores of Canada. On the handrail of the bridge was the skin of a hand and it moved (was alive) and before entering the bridge down on the ground was a skin of a face (looked like a Roman emperor – blond curly hair framing the upper face) and the face was alive. There was some kind of merchandizing going on under the bridge and Hispanic women were in a booth folding clothes/merchandise.
    It took me many months to understand that dream. The skin that is alive is the virus on the hands and face. The black bridge represents BLM and or Antifa. The 1800 years ago is Romes Third century crisis which fits nicely with your vision – hyperinflation, plagues, wars, heads of states Assassinated, and depopulation.


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