Hello everyone, I really believe that God is trying to warning us of what is to come , please listen to the warnings and get right with God today , for your soul dependent on it . where do you want to spend eternity, Heaven or Hell ? its your decision . I pray that you would choose Heaven . I love you all in Christ Jesus ❤️



  1. I don't want to say about dreams because I don't know to much seems to Mr and again I can be wrong that you were there to help her, find Jesus. Might be that you are being called to help others understand the holy scriptures and for people or women to know and trust in Jesus so they can have eternal life. So their names can be written in the book of life. So people can know the peace we can have only through Jesus Christ .

  2. Hello, finally able to catch a moment for your videos. The scarlet and purple not sure if I was reading or listening to a sermon about the woman on the beast in revelation. The woman wore those xolors.

  3. Hello dear it's a lovely wonderful video sharing thank you ❤️🙏
    Big like thumbs up 👍👍👍 see you again take care everyone in there and have a wonderful day…
    Luiz here 😊
    Hope keep intouch ❤️💐🎸🎸🎵


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