Here I describe and document how God had given me 7 dreams of economic crash. These dreams from 2018 told me that in 2 years, we would see the crash, in 2020. They also describe a 2nd crash or major event which Im on watch for June/July on that, based on timing signs and the 7th dream. These are found at the dreams and visions link at Also 55+ dreams there, an amazing season of prophetic outpouring.
There describes what else is to come, especially for 2022. There are also 2 free books as well, total non profit and no strings attached. God bless you pilgrim!



  1. You know anyone can go to a clairvoyant and they would spin some BS but if you know the true mysteries of Gods word he would not allow it to shear it with the goats of this world that don’t mean anything to him. There is no more less than 144,000 that are his elect in this world alive today. All this stuff on YouTube is full of false doctrine and making people think they want to know Christ but get led along to some YouTube video that will lead them astray. God saids if you want to know him, do not listen to this false doctrine that is abomination that will fill you with false hope and drag you down. God said do you wanna listen to YouTube or the internet or him. Make this a wise choice

  2. Hey bro Bill. It is good to have you back. June and July when we're supposed to go through a bunch of meteorites also and create a lot of Fire. God bless you brother and its good to see you again.

  3. This is our last 7 year cycle – that began in 5777. The calendar was reset once, to zero.
    The GT is only 1335 days in length – and will likely begin in the spring of 2021/5781.
    The Arctic Sea Ice is rapidly disappearing – as methane is released from melting permafrost.
    A small tsunami (or big swell)will wash over Venice Beach and flood inland to Culver City.

  4. we still have to see the son of perdition and sin revealed (The anti Christ) and it hasnt happened yet..Theres still a lot more that has to happen. Maybe another 3 or 4 more years

  5. The Rapture is going to happen at any moment now, than the 7 tribulation, than after the tribulation Jesus Second coming with his saints to get the rest who are left that didnt take the rdif chip/ mark of the best, nibiru planet x/,wormwood is here/the dragon which will procede the rapture than the tribulation, than second coming

  6. All you really need to know is that on February 29, 2016 I had a prophetic vision that Donald Trump would become president and that he is the antichrist. After four years of observing Trump, it is pretty clear what is coming. When Trump loses the presidential election on November 3, 2020 he will lose what little sanity he still has and he will provoke a war with China to punish them for the Covid-19 pandemic ruining his perfect economy and costing him reelection. This will lead to World War Three. All of this will take place before January 20, 2021. If you have any plans beyond that date, you might want to speed them up considerably.


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