Warning of repeating dreams of US invasion by China and Russian forces.



  1. I never remember my dreams. I used to have alot of gunfight dreams ( 16 yrs army). Last one was yrs ago. I was chasing someone and shooting at them with a suppressed handgun thru a neighborhood. He would run and shoot back at me. I remember chasing him into someone's house. I ran in the front door, he ran out the back. I remember saying to the people who lived there that were watching TV " coming thru" as I chased him out their back door. I never caught him. I'm sure the dream had some meaning but I don't know what it could be.

  2. Hey Earl Hook, according to Ezekiel 33 (please read) you are called by God a Watchman and itโ€™s very important that you get your message out to everyone you can..

  3. All I have to say is Amos 9:8! North America Babylon is set in stone for destruction! Lord Ahayah's seed is still on this vicious horrible land. So, you better believe Lord Ahayah is pissed off at the inhumane crimes against His black bloodline seed for thousands of years to hundreds of years and to present time. The sins of the American founding fathers are past down to the children. You reap what u sow!

  4. Hi I just came across your video and I know it's true because I had a dream few years ago with 2 flags rising from the ocean. One was Iran and the other China ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ณ. You mentioned that in your dream things started to be specific. Would you mind sharing what cities or locations were target? Thank you.

  5. Earl Hook, do you know about what's going on between China and Taiwan and how the US may be getting involved? And Russia is backing China there. It seems that this is consistent ultimately with a Russia/China invasion.

  6. Yes I had about 6-7 dreams/visions of China and Russia attacking America. Just had another one last week. And I know the difference between a regular dream over a Vision.

  7. Itโ€™s coming bro I already had two dreams a month ago, one was missiles coming out of the sky and hitting, saw the mushroom and felt the blast and seen the smoke trails and all. Second dream days later was some type of Asian troops walking around a neighborhood clearing houses and just slaughtering hiding families, itโ€™s coming man god woke me up this year. Donโ€™t doubt yourself or let anyone else tell you differently. Scripture backs what god has shown us. But there will be a remnant of us left. From my understanding a 10th so what like 30 million somehow? America will be no more but a remnant of Gods people will go through the fire and survive somehow here until the end of tribulation, zecariah 6:2 and revelation 6:2, zecariah tells where the horses go, the white horse of war goes to the west. Isaiah, Jeremiah etc

  8. I've used to have a repeated dream when I was a little girl and now that I am older I make sense of it. It's me my mom and brother running in a grocery store (piggly wiggly to be exact) anyway people are being shot and running trying to grab things. But now that I am older I realize it are military people which I believe now is Russia that is killing the Americans. I remember seeing them dragging dead bodies Into where the bakery would be and seeing the nurse cross sign. . I remember things being destroyed, military guns, boots, and just alot of blood. I remember me and my family did make it out but as we get the car i wake up every time. But two weeks ago I had a dream where I have no idea where i am but some place where everyone is ducking down hiding as much as they possibly can, I'm trying to hide my son and all we hear are shooting, and all I see are military boots walking up and down the isle, and hearing Russians speak and saying stuff I couldn't make out. And as I am protecting me and my kid . I remember someone in front of me that was hiding said i am just going to go talk to them and as I said dont do that they will kill you..and than i woke up. I really feel like something is going to happen. The dreams i am having are so realistic and so vivid. It's hard not to believe something may be about to happen when others are having the same type of dreams… time to pray for sure. :/

  9. I completely agree with everything you're saying. Americans need to wake up! We need everyone praying. I was saved right after Christmas and it happened at home for me. I had never read the bible, so for those who don't know much… believe, repent, humble yourself, and pour your heart out to God and ask Jesus to be your Lord and savior. He is very real and the bible is the truth! I have read the new testament multiple times since Christmas

  10. I had 2 dreams in January about a military attack on our cities. There was complete destruction and devastation. The Air Force was scrambling old decommissioned jets to try and combat it but they simply couldn't. Thank you for sharing this- as I look around on the internet it seems a lot of people are having very similar dreams about this happening


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