1. Question, are the listeners hearing this and responding? There was a YouTube channel called Mathis A or before that the wind channel, X military intelligence, had a lot of good info also talked about being prepared for coming events, survival teams, thinking ahead, being prepared.

  2. That is amazing you've been going through the book of Amos lately. Not too long ago I was listening to Pastor Murray of Shepherd's Chapel go through Amos. In Amos 2 it predicted the murder of the Russian Royal family of the Romanov's. Right down to the fact they would be buried in lime. Lenin's bloody Russian Revolution took place in 1917. It was the start of Communism. And now we have a Communist Revolution here in America that will end in Civil War. They celebrated the 100 yr anniversary of the Commie Revolution on the Econ Mag cover with those Tarot Cards and the tower burning.
    Here is a link to Amos 2:

  3. We all need to use our gifts and talents to further the kingdom of God on earth. I am an ex soldier, i would like to possibly find others like me, that could put together a defensive organization, much like christian shield (americans and others that went to iraq and syria to protect our brethren in Yeshua Messiah). Id like to find others that could help me protect our brethren when the USA disintegrates into open conflict. I dont want to see people persecuted for their faith, which is just horrible that it is coming to that; i never could have imagined it coming this far, since when my life started in the 80s.

  4. Amen, sister. Love the nerve in you and the messages/warnings through you. Praise the Lord for all. Bless you and your whole family in Jesus Powerful Name above all names. Much love and shalom.

  5. Thank you for confirmation. Many believe they will be raptured first. What a dreadful waking up. Please pray that the Lord will find us worthy to escape what is coming to the earth.

  6. Last year God gave me a vision on consecutive days and I saw America being bombed. I saw the planes and the explosions. America is about to be judged for her sins and rebellion against God. Her sins have reached up to heaven and God's cup of righteous indignation has become full. America has more churches and bibles than all of the other countries combined together. So to much is given, much is required. She has legalized abortion, same sex marriage, prostitution, gambling and marijuana. Her judgement is already determined.
    I retired from the bank and I knew that the dollar collapse was on the horizon. The banks allude to it as the global economic reset. China is the new sheriff in town and the Chinese digital Yuan will replace the dollar. When the dollar collapses, people will lose their 401ks,savings, pensions, social security, and stocks etc. Many will commit suicide.
    The elite cannot successfully implement the mark of the beast, until they FIRST, implement a digital currency aka a cashless society. This way they can monitor and control everyone's income. So if anyone resist the mark, they will threaten to cut off your income.
    Everyone will eventually be put on a government stipend. That is why false prophet Pope Francis said last April that he wants a universal basic income. Nancy Pelosi echoed the same sentiment last month, saying that she wants a guaranteed income for all. This is socialism and it is no coincidence that China is a socialist nation. God told me more than a decade ago, that Obama is the Islamic antichrist beast, and Obama said many years ago, that he wants all doctors to make the same salary. This is socialism. Incidentally Obama was raised in the doctrines of socialism and communism by his mentor communist Frank Marshall. He is coming back in office after the dollar collapse. Then he will become the global leader and dictator, and will eventually become Satan incarnate. Obama is the 6th king of
    (Rev.17:10,11). Trump is the 7th king who will rule for a short while, before being cut off by assassination. Then the 6th king Obama will be restored to the presidency as the 8th king who will be officially revealed as the beast. WAKE UP PEOPLE, PLEASE WAKE UP !

  7. Thanks for your message but it sounds like you are saying that we have to allow the powers that be to torture and murder us without fighting back. Well, if thats what you are saying, i respectfully disagree. If a criminal breaks into your house will you defend yourself or allow the evil criminal to rape you or members of your family and kill all of you without fighting back and bless the criminal while he is raping and killing you? I refuse to do that. Anybody who comes to threaten my life will have theirs taken.


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