Top dream analyst Michael Sheridan will tell you that very few dreams are actually prophetic. But if someone has the gift of prophecy, it pays to take a close look at their dreams. As one of the best known dream analysts, Michael is in an unusual position to have access to dreams from people all over the world. He knows which ones are prophetic and which ones aren’t.

He has been seeing prophetic dreams about the events our ascension for years. And tonight he’s going to share with us the synopsis of what he seen. He’ll share his analysis of prophetic dreams related to the events that are unfolding around us right now, leading to our awakening and the rise in the planet’s vibration. He’ll also help us understand how to know if our dreams are prophetic, and how prophesy shows up in other areas of our lives, such as in the passing of a loved one.

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  1. Omg!!! I had an emotional breakdown a month ago because I had a feeling that I would be cut off from the spirit world, angels or guides. I had to remind myself that it won’t be forever. Amd I’m at peace now

  2. You don’t eradicate hunger through handouts. You have to fix the premise by eradicating government/corporate cartelism. You have to return our economy back to a free liberal capitalism and dismantle the centralized banking cartel. This is the true way you heal an economy.

  3. my dream: i was one of the last 3 people on earth to be taken to heaven, one man piqulated and was gone. i was so excited and happy to be going. the dream, seemed to pause at that point. i thought, if i'm the last person going to heaven, then my son and grandson were not going. i chose to stay and help them find their way there. i don't know how, how to do that.

  4. I had the tsunami wave dream too, in a lucid dream state, and it had the underground train station too. I have also since had two more tsunami dreams in which I watched it through a huge window and it passed over the building but I knew that myself and the people inside would be safe, in the third dream the building was a tower or light house shape and we were upstairs. I have had a few of the solar flash too.

  5. Very much a Cascadia subduction zone. Worth learning about the Cascadia Mudd Flood, the last leveling event up there likely to happen any second. If you follow space weather and geography it’s fun to watch

  6. Many people hear a noise just before a prophetic dream begins, like my mother. She said it was a bit like a bell, but not, couldn't define it any further. She knew this meant to pay attention to what she was about to get. In the 60s she was dreaming about the end of this world, this society.


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