In this video I share urgent dreams which show:

1. Great-Depression like conditions are coming.

2. America is in an emergency state and close to collapse (and POSSIBLY another 9/11 event or situation coming in September this year if we don’t intercede in prayer).

3. What God showed me about how we need to prepare practically for the coming time (important!).

*Video note: I was shown by the Lord to BRACE YOURSELF at the end of 2016, and wrote about it on my blog at Now Dana Coverstone and others have seen the same. This season is a serious one, watch the video to see what the Lord is revealing now.



  1. If we truly love Jesus, we will keep His commandments. If we truly trust God, we believe He will protect and defend us. We don’t need to defend ourselves. Gods Word is true, He will not lie. Ever.
    If you lay down your life as the Lord tells us we will have His life. When we die heaven is not a bad place! If your heart is right with God and you’ve confessed sin, repented, Father forgives. Forgive EVERYONE FOR EVERYTHING! Gods Word does not contradict itself. Please pray and ask God the interpretation of this dream and getting guns. (And interpretation of those scriptures). Guns are the way of the world. We are not of this world and we have no right to take a life.

    Praying for you, brother. 🙏✝️🕊

  2. I recently found your channel and appreciate you warnings and honest views. I'm in America and very alarmed at how many of my brothers and sisters in the states are blind and when told the truth they refuse to listen. God bless you and keep you.

  3. If you are not willing to protect your home, family and children from thieves and murderers, than you are a coward. Straight up. Get a gun, learn how to use it, and hope you never need it. The prudent forseeth the evil and hideth himself, while the simple are passed on and punished.

  4. I interpret that scripture with Jesus telling them to get a couple of swords as being His setting things up so that the scripture can be fulfilled (as he said — and as he did in the case of riding the donkey foal into Jerusalem). He did not already have a donkey foal, so told his disciples where to get the foal in order to fulfill scripture. It's just my opinion, but to me He asked they get a couple of swords without any further instruction because He KNEW that at least one of them would be used when they came to get him after Judas' betrayal. And when one of the disciples DID use a sword to cut off the ear of the assistant to the high priest, Jesus immediately healed that ear — but "Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword" (Matthew 26:52). It appears to me that Christ Jesus had two purposes in this case: one, to fulfill prophecy; and two, to make the admonition AGAINST using the sword. He did not speak of aggression versus defense. It was a blanket statement he made, that those who use the sword will die by the sword." This is also reminiscent of Byron Searle's visions/Words from the Lord received July 10 and 13, 2020: " My son, the Army from the North prepares to come in and take the spoils of this land. Those who fight will die. Those who submit will live in captivity. Many of My children will choose wrong and will perish, just as they did in Jerusalem. Jeremiah warned and warned, but when Babylon came into the city, all who fought died. So it will be with America. SEVEN WEEKS to get your house in order and prepare your heart. GREAT DARKNESS IS COMING." Link to his blog:

    I would just like to end my argument here with the fact that I do not remember even one time that even one of the 12 apostles used a weapon — or even their fists — against anyone, although they were persecuted mightily and were all (with the probable exception of John) killed for their faith in Christ Jesus. If anyone could have used a weapon I would think it would be them. But there is not to my knowledge even a whisper of such a thing happening. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) Personally, I believe this is because we are to give our lives for our brethren, and in our willingness to do so this elaborates on the gospel to those who are lost. People who fight back with guns, knives, fists, martial arts, whatever are not (in my opinion) obeying Jesus. All that said, I would find it impossible NOT to defend a child from adult abusers or an elderly person from abusers. Even so, perhaps the most Christian way to protect them would be to put one's own body in the "line of fire" rather than to be violent oneself, unless I truly believed the Holy Spirit Himself instructed me otherwise. Maybe I'm all wet, but that is how I see it.

  5. Thx for sharing. I remember that dream of the lady in the rural areas. Yes I don't believe in 🔫 but my son says I should get one. Still undecided n waiting for God to lead me.


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