Dream from 5/21/2020



  1. I will tell you what it means jesus returns to rapture his pepole on that day he will have a gold belt and we will look up and just to say all of that since you seen the president trump its most likely going to happen soon we will not see another president in office.thats how close we are .

  2. Thank you for Sharing your dream.I think that heavenly being you mention could of been Gods Archangel Gabriel.He was in one of my Many dreams from the Lord recently.I had a baby boy in my dream and was going around asking people in a stadium what should I name him?I kept choosing Gabriel,Gabriel over and over and finally decided it would be Gabriel then I woke up.I later googled Gabriel in the bible and realized hes one of Gods Archangels but not just any angel his messanger Angel of babies and Dreams:)And Gabriel was the Angel who helped Daniel in the bible interpret his dreams too and John in revalations and many others but I found that pretty cool:)That confirmed my dreams were from God among other things but wow God is so amazing and powerful.We are deffinetly in the birthing pains of revalation God bless you.


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