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  1. I confess the sins of my extended family and seek for your forgiveness heavenly Father, I reclaim the stars that were stolen by the devil in the mighty name of Jesus Christ 🙏

  2. Thank you for your blessings dear lord.I ask for healing for my son I as for permanent healing dear lord Anemia is not his potions…dear lord let his platelets be enough pain is not his potions thank you lord for he is healed…..amen

  3. Higher alter, please am asking for help with my salary that Mr Simon has not paid that I am able to travel to Mombasa to receive my 🌟🌟🌟🌟 of marriage, business and family

  4. God Almighty…we may not be perfect but am praying for spiritual life before you always.Creaye us a new spirit as we move on our lives…guide us and be with us.Forgive out trespasses and keep our enemies at bay as we continue loving them as per yr word.we pray fr yr deliverance and silent prayer requests….I believe all this while is not in vain.Amen

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