Join Shawn Bolz this morning for an amazing episode of Prophetic Perspective where he goes over the Euphrates River prophecy, the tragic quake in the Philippines, exposure of corruption in Hollywood.

0:00 Intro – Summary of Topics – Welcome!
2:14 Earthquake in Philippines – Prayer for those impacted
3:16 Wrongfully Arrested Canadian Pastor got Released!
4:13 Kat Von D – Discarded tarot cards, witchcraft, and new age
5:45 How to Hear God Through Dreams – Charity Kayembe
7:09 Are We In End Times? Euphrates River Drying Up?
22:00 Sean Feucht & Jay Koopman Revival 5PM LIVE Today!
23:12 Scandal Exposed in Leaders in Entertainment & Popular Culture
34:17 Encounter God! Experience God Encounters in Shawn’s Book and Teaching Series!
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  1. We all had to lockdown and isolate over COVID.
    I don't agree with breaking the law to meet for church in that instance.
    Most of us found ways around it like zoom and outdoor churches. Maybe it was different in Canada.though..

  2. You are blind to the signs that are happening all around us, that signify that Jesus is coming soon. We are told to occupy til He comes, but our focus is to be on His coming to reign on this earth. πŸ™

  3. I remember seeing an interview with Shirley Temple Black and she talked about doing an audition when she was 12 years old.. (TWELVE!!!!) and the casting director or producer or someone called her into his office and exposed himself to her. That was like back in the 1940’s. These people are sick and disgusting.

  4. I was always amazed and how so many mature men and women of God had so many different interpretations or viewpoints about the end times. Like mike Bickel, Roland buck, and many others. Since Roland was my great uncle and I believe he had real angelic visitations with Gabriel, Chrioni, and even Michael, I believe what he said about it. Gabriel said it would be contrary to the character of God to allow those in fellowship with Him to go through even one day of the great tribulation. And Michael told Roland he’s looking forward to the day he no longer is commanded to pay any respect to Lucifer when he will get to command his angels to completely clear the skies of every last demonic force in the heavens and cast them all down to the earth….. regardless I agree we have to be ready and occupy till He comes and when He comes He won’t check what viewpoints we hold onto about the end times but if He is in our hearts. Bless you Shawn, I thank God for you

  5. The β€œrapture” and the second coming are the same thing. They happen in the same moment.

    I recommend β€œParadise Restored” by David Chilton for a good book on solid eschatology.


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