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Prophetic Vision: WARNING! Something is Coming!

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  1. Hey bro using hell in that sense is not good morally. Please don't speak like that and profess Jesus Christ. Also, I see others have had dreams and visions about something like yours, these remind me of a dream I had a few years ago, 3 yrs ago. I didn't see anything in the dream but I heard in the dream "BOOM" then I heard the words "use of Manhattan." I looked up the use of Manhattan and it took me to the subs In NYC, but also many years ago there was a project on a bomb called "the Manhattan project." A few years before that I dreamed of what looked like NYC during the time of dropping of the ball on new years midnight. The streets were packed full of people. I seen the very tall buildings. The seen looked like NYC. then I seen some kind of wind force blow masses of people one way and another group of people fell or ran another way. Also in 2016 I had a dream again, it looked like NYC with tall close buildings. However it could've been any big city but what came to my mind was NYC. I seen gray ash all over the streets, cars in water puddles and I seen men standing in the street with their mouth wide open screaming in terra. Their eyes looked like balls of fire. There is a scripture about people face or countenance being as flames of fire.

  2. I been having dreams a few years back , wonder if it wasn't a prophetic dream , it was about a tsunami and I was in a condo type of house and it was on like a second level of the mountain , I remember feeling the need to grab tins of food before I ran up the mountain , where more condos were built .and the water was coming closer and closer . this dream has come to me a few times in that year . can any one tell me if it was a prophetic dream? … and now since the Ukrane war . I been prepping like crazy . and now im seeing many floods in the world . there's a lot more to my dreams , too much to explain right now.

  3. Just found this channel, ironic: I was awaken at 3:30 am yesterday morning. I dreamt that I was outside and seen a extremely bright light on the horizon to the east that was spreading outward. No sound at all except my heartbeat and breathing. I live in Kansas and not far from an airbase. 😕

  4. A lot is happening. I now have a YouTube channel. i prayed and asked God, well what do I do? I post this and that including old songs i wrote. I've had dreams about the last days since I was six. I've played classical piano since I was seven. I am a street minister

  5. What I see is that since almost 30 years USA led Nato trying to control Russia right there at Russia,s border ,if anything comes here it will be just the result of it. Pray so USA stops that desire to be the one everywhere.

  6. Reminds me of a dream I had recently. We live near Fort Bragg and attend a chapel on post. I was in my van relaxing outside of the chapel, somehow the top of the van was open to the sky. (One thing to note is I have never been outside laying down relaxing in my van at chapel but in the dram that is what I was doing). It was a beautiful day with a lot of puffy white clouds in the sky. All of the sudden out of nowhere, the clouds started swirling above me in a corkscrew pattern and moving very quickly to the east. It happened 4 times. I went to look back where they went and on the horizons were 4 tornadoes in a row. Then all of the sudden I was outside the car with some of my family (we were still outside the chapel but somehow also in a living room area that had just appeared there in the parking lot) and bombs starting dropping from the sky. After the first 2 fell and exploded, I knew we were supposed to have died but we realized we were having a collective vision. Altogether, 10-20 bombs were either dropped or shot like missiles. Then I saw the bombs being dropped and it was an army green almost miniature version of an old school type atomic bomb except the tail was 3 circles instead of a square (I had looked up what an atomic bomb looked like– although in my dream I have no idea if these were atomic or not). Anyway, it went to a closeup of the bomb and I could tell it was Russian with part of the circular tail being made by the Chinese. That was most of the dream. The rest involved my brother also experiencing the vision but denying it because he did not believe in people receiving visions. So he was basically denying what he had just experienced.

    I have no idea of dream interpretation. But that was my dream. Maybe someone else can interpret some of it especially the 4 tornadoes in a row on the horizon in the near distance.

    Eta: I forgot to add that when the clouds were swirling and went by, I only looked back because I heard what was like a tornado siren. Although now thinking back maybe it could have been an air raid siren because the bombs happened shortly after.


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