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  1. I have a testimony that was similar to his in 1:03:201:05:57

    I was praying for a beloved brother in our church, he was slowly losing control over his body, to the point he had to use his chin to steer his wheelchair.

    God told me. "There will be a season of healing."
    And i rejoiced, because i believed that Jesus was going to heal him. I was so glad i even told him and the pastor.
    2 months go by and the man dies from the disease, i was heart broken and so discouraged, "i must have been decieved by satan" is what i thought. I apologized to his wife and to the pastor directly.

    The pastor told me "there was healing" but i didnt understand… During the 2 months his son stayed with him, and alot of emotional pain and guilt was healed, and his son who had backslidden from God, returned to church with his wife and children.

    I learned that God's healing isnt what i always think it is.
    But i praise God that he worked it out so perfectly for the salvation of him and his family.

  2. Even after getting so much honor and treated him like a king who arrives to his people, he was treated so special but look at the humility and simplicity of the prophet how he present and kept himself as an ordinary guy just like others, he didn't boast.
    This is a sign of a true prophet🙌🙌🙌
    God bless you prophet🙌 and also the church who honored the prophet of God.

  3. I always wonder does prophet have been side track and he did, the difference is he have chance to repent, while other include me lost my first calling…😶

  4. I salute the Ministry and Dr Bempah for putting up this video. You are soo blessed for the visitation and the correction that Our Lord gave you all. Many have not been fortunate to get such a correction and blessing. Never forget, GOD wants you all to fulfil your destiny. This Word was for everyone. When I watched the video, I also knelt like you because I have my own mistakes. May GOD bless you all.


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