In this video I’m speaking on the upcoming Food Shortage/Famine that God showed me is on the way! People of God get prepared and those who don’t know the Lord, Jesus Christ, it’s time to get to know Him. God is about to cast his judgement on the Land and part of that judgement will be this famine.

Don’t lose heart, people of God. God’s people will be protected if you listen to God’s instructions during this time.

Check out this video that discusses the food shortage that’s headed our way…



  1. I saw a dream too.
    —- I was in a building where all the food reserves of the whole world were kept.
    I went down to the first floor and saw 6-8 people in royal and priestly uniforms who had gathered together and were waiting on their feet for something important.
    I knew I should not be there and hide. I had someone with me whom I did not see but whom I heard his voice .
    I heard or realized I could not understand well that they were waiting for the Alpha soldier.
    He who was with me said:
    – Oh no !!
    I asked him: – Who is this Alpha?
    He told me:
    -Alpha is the greatest of all! Now there is hunger around the world!
    Without finishing the speech the decision was made and the food stopped everywhere.
    The decision was immediate and drastic, everyone was left with only what was in the house at the time the decision was made.
    Then I saw a little girl crying for bread and not eating half of the slice she had because it was old and dirty. I thought she did not understand the importance of this situation. Then I saw 1 bag of potatoes and thought to plant potatoes at least to eat.

  2. We know some day is coming a famine, but let's wait and see what happens in the here-and-now and what happens in each of Our Lives. God knows who this message is for because he knows who will be living on this earth when this happens

  3. In 2007, I woke up one morning with the word 'Famine' going thru my head. It was so strong that it caused me to get down on my knees and pray. Later that morning I went to church and my pastor preached a sermon about storing up food during the yrs of plenty because of a coming famine. Some yrs later I prayed before bed and asked God for a sign if there really was going to be a famine. I went to sleep that night with a Christian tv channel playing soft music in my bedroom. I was in a deep sleep when suddenly the volume on the tv became very loud. It woke me up and there on the screen was a picture of two starving people and the words 'Hunger and Famine'. it lasted for a few seconds then went off. In Jesus name I tell you that every word I have said here is true.

  4. By the grace of God, God showed me a famine was coming March 1, 2020 before Covid even arrived to the US. He showed it to me 1 month ago also.. much before Joe Biden spoke on it. It’s true, famines are already here! Videos on both on my page

    Thank you for warning the people, sister in Christ🙏

  5. This is true God took me through this last year, and God gave us my son the same type of dream. This life is all about Jesus Christ and nothing or no one else 🙌🏽💞🇺🇸🌍🙏🏿 REPENT THE LORD WANTS HIS PEOPLE BACK THE KINGDOM IS COMING IN JESUS NAME AMEN 😢🙏🏿🕯️

  6. Thankyou 🙏 so much for god's message I pray for you and your family 🙏 god bless you with mountains of mercy, love and faith! Let's move those mountains with the faith of a mustered seed! May God most high guide and protect you!!!!!!


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