In this video, Mario Murillo shares with Pastor Alan DiDio a prophetic warning for 2022. Mario Murillo shares what the church needs to do in 2022 to move forward, and take back America for God. We also dive into the gifts of the Holy Spirit, how to operate in the word of knowledge, and how to have signs and wonders follow your life.

“2022 is a year of repentence…” a prophetic word for today!
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The earth is shaking. The church is suffering from compromise and powerlessness. People are desperate for solutions. The answer will not come from a president; it can only come from a people who know how to bring Heaven to Earth.
Could it be that you are the key to unlocking the move of God in this generation?
Mario Murillo is recognized as a dynamic evangelist whose ministry sees multi­tudes receive salvation, healing, and deliverance. He has long carried a burden to see a Great Awakening in America. Now, he is being raised up as an urgent prophetic voice, calling the people of God to take their place as the watchmen, prophetic voices, and miracle-workers they have been anointed to be.

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  1. Please re teach the 10 commandments according to the scriptures Exodus 20. Especially the one that starts with REMEMBER. Jesus said He is the Lord of the Sabbath aka Sabbath is the Lord's day.
    When the Ladies arrived at the tomb just before the sun came up they noticed the stone was rolled away. Ie Jesus rose on Sabbath =7th day. This was the 1st command Creator God ever gave us. It's so important to our Creator. It was Constantine duped the 1st pope that changed God's Holy Day and most of the world doesn't know that it was changed by man who has no right to change what the LORD made Holy, Sanctified and Set Apart. I respect you Mario because of your love for the Most High. Convocation can be anyday of the week but Saturday needs to be set aside for the LORD. Once the world wakes up to this, real glory will come. I truly believe this.

  2. Time is so short before God closes the curtain on the Age of Grace and brings in Jacob's Trouble. Soul winning is THE most important thing we can do as the time approaches for the catching away then the rapture. ALL the signs Jesus gave (as well , Paul spoke of perilous time in the end days) are happening . The Bible is true and the birth pains are increasing and will not stop until the Kingdom of God is birthed when Jesus returns and deals with the wicked and sets up His Kingdom on earth. WE are not going to set up the Kingdom completely….only JESUS will. THIS SHIP IS SINKING and the only way of escape is the Lifeboat Jesus and we can rescue others who will jump into that lifeboat as well. This Age is coming to an END and let God be true and every man who says otherwise be the liar.

  3. Hi, TK for what you are doing, at this time, l would like to ask for prayers,( for Pilot, nick name), Michael Nelson, he is rejecting Jesus, he is carrying lots pain, and l believe the/enemy has a grip in this Life, he is in facebook, thank you for your help, he is 61, german born, race in america since he is 12 years old, catholic background, now is most likely agnostic, !! from Last Vegas, Nevada.

  4. I’m watching and I want God to be glorified in healing my 21 yrs old son who has Down’s syndrome and Autistic I want prayer for him right now because I’ve waited so long I lost my only sibling to alcoholism 4 years ago He was in the Masonic etc I hear you because I believe God brought me here I want that healing for my son called Harrison

  5. I'm from INDONESIA 🇮🇩 But I keep praying for AMERICA & the Legal USA 45th PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP and all the anointed Prophets in AMERICA 🇺🇸 and ISRAEL 🇮🇱 also the PM Benjamin Nethanyahu with his patriots IDF and the whole Promised Land.

    Grace from Staten Island, New York.

  7. I am in horrible pain from a broken mid_back, lower lumbar injury and scoliosis & arthritis and a badly damaged foot. The past 2 days my pain level has been a 9 out of 10. I've been praying for healing for 12 years. I can't take much more of this.

  8. Hi i am Dallas a 76 year old lady who loves the Lord. I believe the most need today is to rescue our children from the evil demonic creatures in our government. Please pray God will hear us and banish the evil Democrats. To save the people being persecuted by Putin and all the communists . Brother Murillo please pray for me when you have a moment I have a fatty liver. I have never been an alcohol drinker. I am over weight and I have type II diabetes. I am from Orland California. Thank you Brother in Christian Love. Dallas

  9. I'm watching from the UK thank you that you reach the UK we don't seem to have the outreach of prophetic ministry, as prominent in the churches as you do. We need to hear more prophetic words about the UK.

  10. Trish O'Lowney, Tucson, AZ
    I BELIEVE the problem of the citizens of this great nation, is our apathy AND kidding themselves into believing that IF THEY HIT THEIR KNEES AND SAY THEIR PRAYERS EVERY NIGHT THAT THEY WILL BE SAVED… How many of us walk past children AND adults who are genuinely starving and COLD. HOW MANY OF US HAVE FED THEM or helped them find a place where they can sleep in safety and warmth

  11. Thank you, Mario Your message is clear and to the
    point. I am 75 and so happy to find you and other
    Evangelical Preachers on you tube. I know I was
    healed from Essential Tremors and Parkinson's
    Disease, just by hearing your message. It has been
    two years without medication and several years
    without symptoms. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

  12. The Pastors need to Preach the Whole BIBLE , not just the Bedtime Stories, sick of all of them, I firmly Believe GOD has sent the Strong Delusion upon us, the Church has run off every Person that truly loves GOD and has a Testimony of HEALING from GOD, I know , I AM ONE OF THEM, , I have been listening to MARIO for over 35 yrs, GOD BLESS YOU


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