In this video, Mario Murillo shares with Pastor Alan DiDio a prophetic warning for 2022. Mario Murillo shares what the church needs to do in 2022 to move forward, and take back America for God. We also dive into the gifts of the Holy Spirit, how to operate in the word of knowledge, and how to have signs and wonders follow your life.

“2022 is a year of repentance…” a prophetic word for today!
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The earth is shaking. The church is suffering from compromise and powerlessness. People are desperate for solutions. The answer will not come from a president; it can only come from a people who know how to bring Heaven to Earth.
Could it be that you are the key to unlocking the move of God in this generation?
Mario Murillo is a dynamic evangelist whose ministry sees multi­tudes receive salvation, healing, and deliverance. He has long carried a burden to see a Great Awakening in America. Now, he is being raised up as an urgent prophetic voice, calling the people of God to take their place as the watchmen, prophetic voices, and miracle-workers they have been anointed to be.

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  1. I am interested in knowing a way that I can help Mario with the mission work he is doing.
    I am a invalid due to the medical system/doctors. I am trying my best to get a healing from Father God. I am praying for Mario to come to Dallas Texas for me to be there to get a healing at a meeting he is doing. IF I am not already healed by then. I feel like I can pray for Mario and his ministry to help people like me who NEED a touch from God.
    We have not been going to church anymore because of the things churches are not doing today about teaching the Bible gospel truth and they don't say anything about God's healing power like Mario does. I believe that God does healing today. He is a great example of what a minister should be.
    I can't do anything in my condition at the moment but I can pray. Please Mario come to Dallas Texas. I have prayed for the old time tent revival like they did when I was a kid. I felt God was there more than another time. Keep the tent going up all across the nation.

  2. I live in central Virginia. We need Mario here in Richmond. There is such a dark oppression in our area and northern Virginia. There are so many churches here, but it hasn’t made a difference and you see that in the crime and the wokeness. There are churches that care about are the numbers, big screens, skinny jeans, fog machines and former beans (coffee). Mario, please come, but come to a place other than Northern Virginia because it’s too difficult to get there. It’s easier for them to go to a different area in Virginia.

  3. God surround, protect, bless brother Mario Murillo, his family and all your children around the world. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ 🙏 Amen 🙏 we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD and IN GOD WE TRUST . Not man.
    God words will not return void.

  4. We live in Ceres, California right on the Highway 99. Yes we need preachers saying truth from GODS Word. Also Repent, humbly before GOD. Also do what God is telling Us to Do, By Faith. Thank You For The Love For Lost Souls. Billions and Billion Of Souls


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