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Joshua and Janet Mills share their prophetic perspective with you for the new year… listen to them share the NOW Word of the Lord for 2022!

“For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” – Jeremiah 29:11

God’s plans are always to prosper your life. Stay close to Jesus, focusing on His Word and being led of His Spirit and allow His plans to unfold in and through your life. We are entering a new season and HE is with us! Join us as we are sharing some prophetic insight into the new year ahead.

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  1. We are beyond grateful that you heard Holy Spirit and moved to our beloved Birmingham. I am excited and overwhelmed as I learn about Creative Glory! Thank you for your teaching. It means so much. He really does keep us in all our ways. ❤️❤️❤️The Secret Place!

  2. No idea y all were in Alabama .. that’s confirmation even for me .. I’m between Louisiana and Alabama all the time but I have something I have to finish here in Louisiana.. for God .. He hasn’t released me from here just yet

  3. What if that wasn’t a mistake and Jesus is wanting us to ask Him if He would use time space to go back to the beginning of 2020 and reset it for the World so the enemy is defeated and then bring all that was stolen from the church to us in 2022 .. the enemy stole a lot from us each of us and we need to get that back from the enemy 7xs over .. Jesus used space time He created it I mean we could take our authority in Him and go back ourselves as the church .. of course many more people heard the gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven online so we did have many blessings but there were things that were stolen including some of our authority because of fear and such as that .. anything from those access points of the enemy can be covered by the blood .. just a thought … we can’t bring back our loved ones we lost .. but for them the enemy should pay way more than 7xs over ..

  4. Thank you…very encouraging…especially remembering the honor and privlege of going to the foot of the Cross and kissing the Lords feet ..laying everything down..what an amazing mindblowing gift…WOW!!!
    That is explosive and empowering on every level ever imaginable…dunamis💥

  5. Precious Brother Joshua, I sent you an Email and a post office letter (Toronto) about a huge prophecy and mission for the End-time challenges facing the body of Christ

    Talking about angelic host intervention and the supernatural overflow of divine provision to assist the needy and the broken ones in the body of Christ, that joined my special calling on my life purpose through a strange dream 32 years ago!

    2 years ago, the Holy Spirit clarified to me all the meaning of this Dream. That is why I contacted you and lately after a wonderful confirmation from Dr Patricia, I had to send her the same request.

    Dear brother and sister, we need to pray and openly chat about the ways we can obey and manifest God`s will for his Fiancée facing her challenges.

    We know very well that grace abounds even more these coming days. Praise Yeshua forevermore

    Mustapha /Montreal

  6. We need the weightiness of God's glory in 2022. In the glory God reveal Himself more and more, about for who He is: His power, His majesty, the beauty of His holiness etc etc. We need more revelation for who God is.. Joshua( Moses assistent) could stand strong because he went often into the glory, and had Increased the fear of the Lord in his heart, and that became his victory to conquest the promise land. 2022 we enter the land of the Giants who guard and possess the promise land, each of us must finding our Joshua to lead the war!!! If we miss the progressieve revelation about God, we will be stuck in familiarity with His presence and decreases the fear of Lord in our heart, and the Spirit of religion will enter in, and the glory decreases and we don't even noticed when the Holy Spirit depart… 2022 the year of facing the giants, the year of revelation of God's character as He showed to moses, 2022 the year of the fear of the Lord. 2022 the year of His Holiness…

  7. The secret place – during a very lonely time recently I actually felt a tangible sensation of the softest, protective feathers over me and such an overwhelming peace. Blessed Happy New Year, all, thank you Lord for this wonderful ministry and may it continue to increase

  8. Ana 303 greek strongs concordance repeation intensity reversal .
    350 anakrino to scrutinize, investigate, interrogate , determine ; ask , question,discern, examine judge search

  9. How I am so blessed by your word for the new year 2022. I was impressed with the thought how many are looking for a word to believe, like almost grasp of desperation. Someone just give me something!
    The Lord is The Word.
    Read Him, Feed on Him, Drink deep of Him, Praise Him and Rest in Him.
    In all your getting – get Christ.
    C. H. R. I. S. T.

  10. Yay🙌🏻 I can’t wait to get Creative Glory. I had a dream, I was shown 2 rooms one was an office with beautiful cherry wood furniture and a creative room with many desks like a classroom with a blackboard.

  11. I'm asking for prayers please. I know I post my prayer request alot but it's so more people can see my request and pray for us. Will everyone please pray and keep praying for my fiancee and me. Her name is Ashley and my name is Chris. Please pray we draw closer together in love and also that we get married soon and find a home. Please pray that God opens doors and blesses our relationship and covers us with His love,grace,and favor. Please keep praying.Thank you


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