The glory came one time in Trenton for us. I know there’s a glory realm there that has never fully fallen. It is some reason that God has that path historically to reactivate. and to go that route with it, to reverse division in this nation. He’ll bring your past… Trenton… up to you and say, “We’re going to bring what Trenton experienced into the moment.” We’re going to attach it with Philadelphia, and we’re going to move what was there into the future. Move that to Washington, DC. Then we’re going to move that from there into Charleston. And it’s going to break a power of division.”



  1. Jesus is Lord God Almighty clothed in unsinful humanity and He is the author of eternal life to all who trust Him alone for salvation.

    Saving repentance has absolutely nothing to do with turning from sins.

    You simply realize that you are a sinner deserving of God's just punishment in Hell and turn (repent) from whatever you trusted in before to trusting in the person and finished work of Christ alone for salvation.

  2. I've been in cardboard churchs. Easy and fast to build but when it rained it crumbled.
    I can honestly say the damage is still lingering 20 to 30 years later and more.
    It's to embarrassing for us all to even think about it. Divorces, adulterys and so on.

  3. Pl pray for me….to NOT let the current events cause division in my heart! I see division among churches, christians ,politicians&leaders….! I want peace but my heart is shaken. I want Jesus to come for His people.


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