This Prophetic Word For August 2022 Will Impact You Greatly

You May Need To Listen To This Powerful Warfare Prayer By Apostle WisePreach –

Do You Believe You Have A Prophetic Calling? Watch This Video Now –

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  1. Oh God help us, another FALSE PROPHET and fake "Oracle of God" with another "prophetic word" so this dude can scratch your itchy ears. Sorry buddy, but the LAST Prophetic Message from God was sent by John the Baptist. Your Fortune Telling and Psychic Telepathic and Clairvoyant message is NOT FROM GOD but your imagination, your ego, the pizza you had for dinner, or the damn devil himself who possesses people making them THINK they are "God's Messenger." But you got played by Satan!

  2. This is an encouraging message and word for those watching the replay. Well be blessed. Also, I want to wish you a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" in the next few days. May the LORD GOD bless your special day and bless you with many more to years come. 🙂🙏🏾


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