God releases pieces of this worlds puzzle to His children through prophetic dreams and prophetic words. Please take each piece to Him in prayer.

Seek the Lord earnestly, pray that you won’t be deceived because a lot of false “Words from the LORD” are going out. And also none of us are perfect. Don’t follow certain people, follow Jesus, only HE is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

One person may release a true prophetic word from the LORD one time, and the next time, mix it in with their flesh so it’s’ not quite right. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re false prophets, but it does me they’re still learning.

Thank the LORD, He uses us despite our many stumbling’s and faults!

God Bless You All, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!

My Husbands “Constellations Disappearing Dream” – https://youtu.be/6uwkSR886jg

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I liked the part of the dream where they were concerned about humanity waking up. That is a good thing. One person at a time affects another. I'm aware and take in alot of content. I know I'm a spirit being living a physical life. My body is not who I am.

  2. She is telling the truth. About two weeks ago after fasting, I had a dream. In that dream, I was taken up on the giant hoverboard. I had to hold on extremely tight as it literally time traveled is what I thought but now I realize it wasn’t time travel. It was this location she is speaking of. I was in a small single unit barack with a tiny bathroom and there was a tv playing a music video from a rap and R&B artist. I knew in the dream the place was a secret location, and I could remember wanting to go back home. It felt like I was seeing from the lens of someone who is stationed to live there to do the work like a scientist or something. The dream was so real I literally felt the toll on my body and nearly threw up upon waking. This stuff is so serious. We have to keep preaching repentance.

  3. You've got a dream from God. This is not a dream of the here-after. This is a dream which will not be " normal," to tell the church about. Consider yourself blessed to have gotten this far to tell this dream. Honestly, most will not listen to it.
    You need to know that the underground tunnels are called, " DUMBS." (Deep-Underground – Military-Bases.) They are huge cavernous villages and cities underground. They have medical facilities and experimental labs all over the world.
    They have supercharged pods that flow one to another in astounding speeds, they even go underneath the oceans at speeds beyond belief. Nearly 500 to 700 mph. Seems impossible but it's true. America has many of them. The pods ride on air in the tunnels.
    Some tunnels were or have been taken over by high military men. Who like in your dream, went rogue, and pursued their OWN agendas. Those were some of the few that Donald Trump tried to get rid of. (They had their fingers on the nuclear buttons in the tunnels.) They sent special forces in and destroyed some tunnels while he was in office.
    The giant human type beings are the hybrids or Nephilium of the Old Testament. They are part angel and part man. The mixture is super intelligent, diabolical, and cunning. They are against God at all times. Many have given technologies to humans that they had from the heavenlies. Maybe not heaven but, definitely in the Milkyway.
    During and after WW2, many scientists came from Germany to America, in a program called, operation "Paper-Clip." The scientists already were in contact with the Nephilium in Germany. Some of their New Science was used on the Jews and in the skies- Luftwaffa..The blitzkrieg was probably part of it. America took these scientists and used their knowledge and processed much to make the A- bomb. However they didn't stay there. They developed more. Many children were taken and submitted to their psychological and physical experiments from the USA. In those underground tunnels. Poor or unassuming families sometimes gave their children to these scientists for summer camp. But they didn't know what they were doing to their kids. Those children are now like me, reaching 70's. United States got even more technology by these scientists as their works went underground. The Nephilium have messed up our society greatly. Those children are adults with permanent flaws in their bodies, some to control, others to destroy, others to pro-create a new human beings for the next generation. The trouble is, many don't know what happened to them as they used drugs with mind paralyzing memory ability in them. Our citizens are filled with families who are dysfunctional due to this passed generation and demon possession. Your dream is of God. You have an awesome responsibility you have because this dream needs to be told and believed

  4. By grace of God, you're one of many rare true prophets or atleast when you speak and are momentarily moving in Spirit of Prophecy, it's authentic.


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