Emma Stark and Sam Robertson deliver several powerful prophetic words for Pastor Jim Bakker and the The Jim Bakker Show audience.

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  1. They seem to prophecy in generalities what's already happening. Of course, persecution is coming! It's been coming little by little right along…and they have been saying the Bible is hate speech and blocking the media, too. These things are not new. So, how is this prophecy? From the day I started attending my current church, it has been said over and over to not build our own kingdom, stop chasing our own dreams, get off our own agenda….and build for eternity. And is there going to be a "great harvest" that has been prophesied for years? Jesus said, "Nevertheless, when the Lord returns, will He find faith on the earth?" It's not a great coming to Jesus; it's a great FALLING AWAY FROM Jesus that is going to happen here in the end times. So much here that can't be considered true prophecy.

  2. Emma Stark is a liar!
    Revelation 11 is not about the church and its people. It's about the Two Witnesses.

    Please, I beg you, whatever you hear from these people, or from anyone for that matter, don't take their word for it. Test the spirits: 1 John 4. Go to the Bible to make sure what they are saying, comes from God.
    If it doesn't,
    it's from Satan.

  3. Precious Lord Jesus, Let love rain, like sweet mercy from heaven. Let mercy flow like waves and waves flowing richly from the heart of God. May love arise … may mercy come forth … may love and mercy bring forth hearts of compassion. Compassion for the lost, compassion for the thirsty, compassion for the hungry, compassion for the poor, compassion for the homeless, compassion for others. Not in just words or deeds done, but from the depths of the heart seeking to give Glory to God through open arms embracing the needs of others. May we look with the heart of God. May we see with his eyes or mercy and compassion and may we do all things to His Glory. For the river of God is love, may it flow richly through us. For the river of God is sweet mercy, may it flow richly through us. For the river of God is compassion, may they see it in our eyes, hear it from our hearts and see it through open arms embracing the needs of others. May we place others even before ourselves and love more like Jesus did.—- For the harvest is plentiful …

  4. I don’t have a CLUE what is really going on here. There are 2 very distinctive prophetic voices these days:
    1. Things are about to turn around. God will avenge our enemies and marvelous decades are before us. Get excited!!
    2. Persecution and the rapture are right around the corner. REPENT!

  5. I'm asking for prayers please. I know I post my prayer request alot but it's so more people can see my request and pray for us. Will everyone please pray and keep praying for my fiancee and me. Her name is Ashley and my name is Chris. Please pray we draw closer together in love and also that we get married soon and find a home. Please pray that God opens doors and blesses our relationship and covers us with His love,grace,and favor.

  6. I am a prophet too and I say BASTA! My prediction for 2022 will be that pastor jim will be back in prison sharing a cell with defeated former president Donald Trump! I predict that God will become aware of greedy grasping crooked pastors like pastor jim and smite them mightily! (One more thing – this lady is full of nonsense)

  7. Praying for overflow in what Jim Bakker is getting the word out to the world and working so hard to prepare us for what is coming God bless Jim Bakker and his wonderful team ❤


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