Documentation of a high-level briefing call about how best to police the Freedom Convoy detailed that neither city officials nor the former Ottawa Chief of Police Peter Sloly had security concerns about the anti-COVID restriction demonstration as it finished its second weekend in the nation’s capital. 

“While an eye sore, the Wellington encampment protests are contained. There are no immediate safety issues, and likely the trucks will continue to be positioned in that location.”

The Federal Government was putting downward pressure on the OPS to end the demonstrations. 

According to the readout of the phone call, which included RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, Public Safety Canada was pressing the OPS for a “quick resolution” to the protest “in order to satisfy the political objectives of the federal government.”

The documents are part of the evidence before the Public Order Emergency Commission, a fail-safe built into the Emergencies Act, the extreme anti-terrorism law Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used to dismantle the nearly four-week-long peaceful demonstration comprised of truckers and their supporters in the streets of Ottawa.

The Emergencies Act contains a clause mandating a public hearing into the necessity of its invocation within one year, and testimony is in its third week. 

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