1. Pyrexx keep doing what you do in Him bro. His life in you & your walk in Him is a major testimony of His grace and power. Keep it up homie. His grace is sufficient to carry us through all things. Your testimony and the blood of the Lamb is and will draw many. There is hope, plenty hope and your are a mighty vessel of that blessed hope all can find in Christ Yeshua! Stay up fam! Ambassadors for Christ, His living representations here on earth, proof that the works of the Devil have been overcome! 1 John homie! 1 love Yahshua the Christ 🙂 peace, love & chicken grease! 🙂 He is the author & finisher of our faith but what He has done in your life gives me hope and I pray you continue to be a mighty example of a godly father, husband and minister of His grace, truth and kingdom ! Amen 🙂 lets get it! Dab!! Haha!

  2. God Bless you Pyrexx you are a role model for the rest of us who have been the worst of the worst and has admitted and accepted that Christ's has cover us with his sacred blood and his grace and made us born again…..


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