Questions & Biblical Answers With Rev. Steve and Rev. Chris| Live from Grace Cathedral – August 16, 2020

Rev. Steve and Rev. Chris give Biblical answers to questions that have been send in by viewers.

1) Q: Just as the Holy Spirit can possess more than one person at a time, is a demon spirit able to possess more than one person at a time? 37:15

2) Q: How do you know you have the Holy Ghost? 38:32

3) Q: Can a person control their mind and if so, how much can they do it? 45:51

4) Q: According to Judges chapter 7, God chose Gideon’s army by the way that they drank from the water. They drank two ways: some lapped water by putting their hands to their mouths and the others bowed down on their knees to drink. Why did He choose the ones who lapped the water? 49:03

5) Q: When Jesus fasted 40 days and was tempted of the devil, was the devil physically there with Jesus, or was he working through Jesus’ mind as he does with people today? 50:37

6) Q: At the time of the crucifixion, when the disciples heard Jesus say, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Wouldn’t it be understandable that they would believe they had also been forsaken since Christ himself felt that way? 53:08

7) Q: Why is it that the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all seem to differ from one another? They all say the same thing but in a different way. 55:14

8) Q: What does it mean for us, as Christians, to carry the cross of Jesus? 56:15

9) Q: Why don’t we who have the Holy Ghost baptism see the cloven tongues of fire as they did on the day of Pentecost? 57:46

10) Q: Why did God place such importance on the ark of the covenant in the Old Testament days? 1:00:22

11) Q: Sometimes it is easy to confuse the sufferings of Jesus with the sufferings of everyday living. How can we separate the two? 1:01:06

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  1. Excellent and superb question and answer time. It was profound, thank you pastors! Also Jeremiah's voice is fantastic. Sing for Jesus brother! God bless. Lead on Holy Ghost lead on.


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